Some People Won't Be Able To Spot What's Inside This Red Dot Optical Illusion

The Internet is testing how good your eyesight is with this latest optical illusion that will either leave you squinting at your computer screen or feeling like you have X-ray vision.

Reminiscent of the blue and black dress debate, this latest Internet craze was created by Playbuzz, the site that has all those personality quizzes you wind up taking when you see them shared on Facebook.

Instead of determining what color your aura is, this brain teaser features just one picture: a red circle. But the real test here is if you can see an image inside this shape.

Of course, some will see it, others won't, and the Internet will plunge into civil war as a result. At first glance, it appears like it is just one solid red color. Nothing more to see here than a dot. Give your eyes a second to adjust, and you will probably be able to clearly see an outline of an image.

The debate goes even further when it comes to what you see inside. There are some people who see a horse, those who see a horse with a saddle and then those who see a cow.

Interestingly enough, I first saw a cow while looking at the optical illusion as a thumbnail. Once I looked at the image at its full size, it's clearly a horse. As I continued to stare at this horse inside the red circle, it became pretty clear that it does have a saddle on its back.

Putting the horse or cow debate to rest, Playbuzz revealed that some people will see nothing in the image, while others will in fact see the outline of a horse.

Things get even deeper when you find out that there are actually hidden details, too. These include the saddle, along with a mane, tail, details in his face and even grass on the floor. Nope, I still can't see most of these small details, but will be very impressed with those who can.

It's safe to say that the more you look at the dot, the more details will start to emerge.

According to the Facebook comments, there are a few people who saw a cow, but most people just see the outline of the horse. Some had good-enough eyesight to spot the saddle, but it seems the other smaller details are harder to see.

Test your eyes and see how much of the image in this red dot optical illusion you can see.

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