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This Physical Illusion Tricks You Into Thinking Objects Are Lighter Than They Are

In an impossible experience that you can even try at home, scientists demonstrate how you can not only witness illusions with your eyes, but also feel them. This is the first ever impossible somatosensory experience reported.

Material Science May 28, 2019

WATCH: Optical Illusion Video Shows The Moon Yo-Yo Across The Sun

NASA captured strange images of the moon moving back and forth across the surface of the sun. This event called retrograde motion also happens when outer planets that move slower into their orbits are observed from Earth.

Space March 12, 2019

This Optical Illusion Reveals 'Curvature Blindness' Of The Brain

A psychologist discovered that the brain may experience curvature blindness, which swaps waves for corners. The curvature blindness illusion proves this. What are the possible mechanisms behind this phenomenon?

Feature | Science December 14, 2017

Is This Green Or Blue? What You See Depends On How Your Brain Interprets Colors

Is this swatch green or blue? The answer depends on how your brain perceives colors, new research suggests.

Viral June 23, 2016

Blake Lively Shares Shark Optical Illusion On Instagram And It’s Impossible To See It

Actress Blake Lively shared an optical illusion featuring a shark to promote her new movie, but you will have to stare a long time before being able to see it.

Viral June 17, 2016

This Photo Of A Couple Hugging Is The Latest Optical Illusion To Hurt Your Brain

This optical illusion of two people hugging makes your brain hurt until you figure out whats's going on.

Viral May 27, 2016

Brick Wall Optical Illusion: Find Out If You're Dumb Or Smart By Taking Up This 'Hidden Object' Challenge

This mind-bending optical illusion is taking social media by storm with a photo of what appears to be a piece of rock stuck in a crevice of a brick wall.

Viral May 18, 2016

Some People Won't Be Able To Spot What's Inside This Red Dot Optical Illusion

There is something inside this red dot optical illusion, but only some people will be able to spot it.

Internet Culture April 5, 2016

Is This A Rabbit Or A Duck? What You See In This 100-Year-Old Optical Illusion Reveals A Lot About You

The rabbit-duck illusion continues to puzzle people even after more than a hundred years since it became known. But what does this optical illusion say about how the brain works and visual perception?

Animals February 15, 2016

Optical Illusion Tricked Astronomers About Size Of Saturn's Most Opaque Ring

Duped! Researchers have found Saturn's most opaque ring's biggest secret - it's not as big or as old as you think. A stellar optical illusion has tricked astronomers for decades.

Space February 4, 2016

This Cat Threatens To Become A Bigger Internet Sensation Than #TheDress: Here's Why

While the controversy surrounding the multicolored dress was certainly a big deal, it is being threatened by another optical illusion - a cat that looks like it could be going either up or down a set of stairs.

Internet Culture April 11, 2015

Forget #Dressgate: Cat Going Up Or Down Is Internet's New Problem

The Internet is yet again divided due to another optical illusion that has one-half of the online population seeing one thing and another half seeing another.

Internet Culture April 10, 2015

Marilyn Monroe Or Albert Einstein? Optical Illusion Can Tell If You Need Glasses Or Not

Optical illusions are fun, but they can be useful too, particularly when telling us about our eye health or the way our brains process images.

April 4, 2015

The Optical Illusion On This 'Chrononauts' Comic Book Cover Will Drive You Crazy

It's not unusual for comic book covers to be provocative. However, the cover of the new 'Chrononauts' comic may inspire more arguments with your friends than any other.

Geek March 18, 2015

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