People Keep Rejecting TODAY Show Australia's $1000 Random Acts Of Cash Giveaway

The TODAY Show has a new job for its weatherman, Stevie Jacobs, and it is to pop up anywhere in Australia and brighten someone's day by choosing a random person to give A$1000 to. You would think anyone Jacobs approaches would most likely accept the money without question, but that does not seem to be the case because the weatherman has been rejected twice already.

The Random Acts of Cash segment or, as Jacobs introduces it, "Grand in Your Hand," is still a new segment in The TODAY Show, yet it has already given thousands of dollars to random people who have gratefully accepted the free money – no strings attached – and it was very unexpected for any of the hosts that anyone would not be too keen on receiving free money.

The first rejection was very surprising for everyone, especially for the hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, who could not stop their laughter when Jacobs approached a woman walking towards a bus stop in Queensland and presented her with A$1000, only for her to politely decline it and hurry away from the cameras. It was an elderly man who witnessed the whole exchange who gladly accepted the money from Jacobs. Watch Jacobs' first rejection below.

Wilkinson did, however, have a theory as to why Jacobs got rejected.

Just a day after the first rejection, Jacobs received his second when he approached a woman at an Adelaide train station to present her with A$1000. The woman, who was apparently on her way to a dentist appointment, did not seem to believe that Jacobs was serious as she laughed when Jacobs tried to give her the money. She even asked why Jacobs was paying her.

"I don't think she believes me," Jacobs addressed Stefanovic who was at the studio.

Watch the funny video below.

But it ended well for Jacobs this time. After the cameras stopped rolling and they explained how the segment works to the woman, she gladly accepted the money. Of course, Jacobs was ecstatic and tweeted about it.

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