Study To Be A Pop Star At The Sia Furler Institute Named After The 'Chandelier' Singer


Grammy nominated singer and songwriter, Sia, has made waves in the music industry with the music she has both written and performed and Australia's academic community considers her contributions to the contemporary music industry very valuable. That is why the University of Adelaide announced on March 31 that its newest department will be named after the Adelaide-born, multi-awarded performer.

The Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media is not just focused on training pop stars so drop the idea of enrolling if that is your only aim. The Institute aims to create an environment where music and media teaching and practice can flourish together and possibly achieve worldwide recognition.

The Institute will help prepare students who wish to learn and excel at music performance, digital and new media, film, music technology and sound engineering so it's not just posing and singing in front of the camera but the nitty gritty technical work as well.

Just how will the Institute pull this off? Experienced technicians, artists and academics will be showcasing their work and training the students as part of the curriculum. The masterclasses, short courses and performances will also be made available to the community for those who cannot take on a full course.

The University of Adelaide's decision to focus on contemporary music was commended by Premier Jay Weatherill who said that it upholds the city's status as a UNESCO City of Music.

As for the reason why Sia was chosen, other than she is from Adelaide, it is because of her creativity.

"As a performer and songwriter, and one whose creativity extends equally to video and digital media, Sia has become an inspiration to young artists the world over - and it's that talent we aim to foster through our new Institute," Professor Graeme Koehne, Director of the Elder Conservatorium, said.

Just what does Sia have to say about the honor?

"I want to say thank you to the University of Adelaide. It's very exciting and humbling," Sia said.

You can also watch her message below.

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