Google Developer Site Confirms Android VR As Placeholder Turns Up

14 May 2016, 9:00 am EDT By Anu Passary Tech Times
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Tech Times has recently reported that Google is likely gearing up to launch and Android VR headset at its I/O conference, and now the Google developer site has inadvertently confirmed the existence of the device.

Android Police has espied a placeholder for "Android VR" in the Google Play Developer Console, which suggests that the launch of the headset is definitely on the cards.

"Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Google would unveil a new "Android VR" platform at Google I/O next week, along with a standalone headset. Today we're seeing what looks like additional evidence. Folks who sign into the Google Play Developer Console are seeing Android VR alongside Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto," says the publication.

The icon for Android VR has emerged in the Pricing & Distribution section (shown in above screenshot) of the Google Play Developer Console. However, clicking on it does not elicit any other action. The icon is the same one as that for Android Wear, which basically hints at the listing being a mere placeholder. Nevertheless, it is a definite confirmation of the plans Google has in the pipeline.

The much-rumored Android VR headset's announcement at the Google I/O next week has also been affirmed by Peter Rojas, the co-founder of Engadget. Rojas tweeted on May 11 that the device would be announced in the coming week for sure.

He has also said that the Android VR will be a standalone headset, which implies that it will not require tethering unlike the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Some reports also suggest that the Google device will need the support of a smartphone. However, unlike the Gear VR from Samsung, the Android VR headset will support several brands

The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, has suggested that Google will be launching both the smartphone supported and the standalone models of Android VR at its I/O conference on May 18.

Irrespective of the variant, neither headset will need third-party apps because the Android VR experience will allegedly be inbuilt into Android.

Speculations are also rife that the Android VR headset from Google may deploy Movidius-powered motion tracking cameras. Google has previously worked in tandem with Movidius on its Project Tango.

With the Google I/O a few days away, we will soon know what surprises the company has up its sleeve.

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