Obama Wants Children To Submit Science And Tech Ideas For New Advisory Committee


U.S. President Barack Obama wants children to submit science and tech ideas for a new kid advisory committee he had formed.

Dubbed "Kid Science Advisors," the program aims to hear out what child scientists and innovators all around the nation find interesting and what they think would be helpful for the future of science.

The White House wants to hear whatever these kids have in mind – climate change strategies, cancer cure ideas or different technologies to make lives easier.

What Inspired The Idea

The idea to compose a kid scientist advisory panel bloomed from the meeting of President Obama with a 9-year-old kid Jacob Leggette.

Leggette was able to create interesting materials such as a bubble-blowing wand and a miniature model of the White House, using a 3D printer. He got the chance to meet and show the President his works during the 6th White House Science Fair in April, when an ocean-energy probe made by a 14-year-old also impressed the President.

During their short encounter, Leggette asked Obama about what he thinks of having kid scientists as advisors.

The U.S. leader was delighted with the idea so he suggested to create a kid advisory panel, which will be made up of children who can share their ideas on what is essential in the field of science and technology.

Kids In The Front Line

Children are the first in line to know what is going on inside and outside of the classroom. They are sure to know the best strategies to engage other kids in  science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

During the science fair, Obama said one of the things that raise motivation is seeing young people look at even the hardest problem as something that can be solved. Confidence is well noted when one is pursuing science, and for these kids, age is not a hindrance.

"They're not afraid to try things and ask tough questions," the President said.

Obama has been an advocate of involving kids in the fields of science and technology. Ever since he became the U.S. president, he had made clear that the future of America lies in the hands of breakthrough inventions and advances that students can come up with.

The White House has already started the project, with a survey form already available in its official website. In the said page, kids are asked about what interests them most about science and what they can do to help the president make the country a better place through science and technology.

Submission of forms will run until June 17.

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