LifeBEAM Vi: AI-Powered Fitness Trainer Inside Smart Headphones


LifeBEAM, a wearable technology company, has announced an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered fitness trainer called Vi.

The fitness tracker will be housed inside smart headphones and offer real-time coaching depending on a user's physiology.

"By improving a person's awareness of their own behaviors, environment and real-time physiology, Vi provides an inspiring and truly smarter workout experience. We call Vi an 'Awareable,' as it's the first and only wearable with the power to actually be aware of a person's activity patterns and coach their behavior in real time," said Omri Yoffe, CEO and co-founder of LifeBEAM.

The company is working on Vi in partnership with Harman/Kardon. LifeBEAM says Vi makes working out 10 times more fun and motivating.

"Each day, Vi tracks you, gets smarter and coaches you to real results. Vi will help you meet your weight goals or improve your run. Plus, enjoy your favorite music and talk on the phone without ever touching a single button," says LifeBEAM.

The biosensors in the Vi include heart rate, elevation, motion and other environmental sensors. The wearable is capable of interpreting data for delivering actionable insights like weight loss optimization, injury prevention, exhaustion level management, running technique, adaptive training plans, stress levels and more.

The company claims that the Vi touts biosensors that are aerospace-grade, with an elegant design, hi-fi sound quality and the ability to grow and learn with individual users.

Vi will have an iOS and Android app, which can be used during or off training. While training, the app gives performance progress in glance-friendly screens. Outside workouts, users can build their training plans, review their progress and customize the wearable.

The Vi has been launched on Kickstarter and LifeBEAM had targeted a $100,000 goal,a but wearable enthusiasts have already pledged more than $255,000 with 46 days remaining.

The 400 early bird customers on Kickstarter who pledged $179 will get a pair of Vi earphones along with a charging case that costs $70. Early bird customers should expect the delivery of the Vi in December this year. At launch the bundle will retail for $249.

Customers who want delivery in December this year can still preorder the Vi and a charging case for $199, a discount of $50 from the retail price.

LifeBEAM is also trying to attract bulk orders on Kickstarter. The company is giving 10 pairs of the Vi and charging cases for $1,599, which is a discount of $891. Bulk-order customers can also get a chance to run with a Vi prototype before it is released in December.

Check out a short video on the LifeBEAM Vi.

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