Apple Trademarks 'Night Shift,' Indicates Possible Expansion To Watch, Mac, CarPlay And TV


Apple previously launched a night mode feature for its Apple tablets and smartphones called "Night Shift," which was included in the iOS 9.3 update.

Alongside an enhanced News app, secure Notes, apps for academic environments and an updated Health app, the "Night Shift" mode was one of the most highly awaited functionalities by iOS users.

Through its recent application to trademark the moniker, the company might have future plans to adapt the technology for its other Apple devices. These products reportedly include the Apple Watch, Mac systems, CarPlay and Apple TV.

The "Night Shift" feature enables Apple devices, currently limited to its lineup of iPads and iPhones, to dim their screen depending on the time and user's location. The feature would register the user's current location in the world plus the current time of the day not only to adjust the device's brightness accordingly but also to remove harmful blue lights emitted by modern gadgets.

This, in turn, would help alleviate eye strain during the night and help consumers have a better night's sleep thanks to the dimmer and warmer glow of their Apple devices. This is better explained in an earlier report on blue light:

"Gadgets emit blue light so the screen can be seen even at the sunniest time of the day. At night, when the surroundings are dark, the brain misinterprets blue light as the sun and diminishes its production of melatonin."

The applied trademark was first spotted by Patently Apple, with two applications sent out to U.S. and China patent offices.

While its U.S. International Classification 009 trademark only used a couple of words to describe the document's intentions (read: "computer software for controlling computer and mobile device display screens"), the Hong Kong filed application was more overtly specific.

Too specific, in fact, it included supposed future Apple products such as "cash registers," "fire extinguishers," "dog whistles," "electrified fences," "sunglasses," "animated cartoons" (Apple Cartoon, anyone?), and much, much more. Seriously, any Apple product you can think of is in there.

A legal document does necessitate the need to be clear and transparent in writing to avoid future legal disputes, but how can Apple fans get excited now if the company basically divulged all of its future plans? (Who are we kidding, diehard Apple fans get excited at anything the company does. RIP F.lux.)

Among the jumble of words are the key names we're looking for to suggest that current Apple devices will soon be getting the "Night Shift" feature, "computers," "wearable computer hardware," "motor vehicle audio apparatus," "television monitors," and "laptop computers."

Release dates for the feature on these devices are yet to be announced by the company, but we'll be keeping you posted regarding any Apple developments in the following weeks.

Photo: Alessio Maffeis | Flickr

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