Tucked in between the unveiling of the new four-inch iPhone SE and iPad Pro on Monday was the first look at the system the devices will be running on — Apple's new iOS 9.3.

The company announced that its new operating system would be available for download today, after its iOS 9 has already been adopted on 80 percent of all iOS devices. That's in comparison to Android Marshmallow running on only two percent of all Android devices — a fact that Apple seemed all too glad to reveal as part of its unveiling event Monday. Feel the burn, Google?

So, what are the features of the new iOS 9.3? Everything from a new Night Shift mode, paving the way for a greater night's sleep, to upgrades in news, health and education.

The Night Shift mode shifts colors to the warmer end of the spectrum at night, removing the blue from your display and setting you up for a better night of sleep. It's able to accomplish this by automatically shifting colors to the warmer end of the spectrum at night, which may help you sleep better.

Apple's News app is getting an upgrade with iOS 9.3, as there will be more of the top stories offered to users upon opening it from today forward. iOS 9.3 even upgrades the Notes app to protect passwords ... something that the FBI might not be too thrilled about. 

The adoption of iOS 9.3 also bodes well for education, as it touts the ability for multiple users to connect to devices, so students can share the same content on iPads and schools can manage that content with Apple IDs and a new Classroom app, which hopes to empower teachers to monitor and manage students' progress in an even better manner.

Opening up the Health app on iOS 9.3 will also recommend to users which apps they might need to look into to better help them accomplish their fitness goals. The new operating system will already be installed on the new and impending iPhone SE and iPad Pro, as they're available for preorder Thursday, before hitting stores a week later on March 31. 

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