New Samsung Gear VR Ready To Maximize Galaxy Note 7 Experience: Preorders Now Open


Samsung showcased a new Gear VR alongside the Galaxy Note 7 last week, and the novel VR headset is a clear step up from the previous version.

Buyers of the new Gear VR will be able to use it with flagships from 2016 and 2015, such as the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 edge, the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 edge and the Galaxy S6 edge+.

Unfortunately, older smartphones do not get support for the new Gear VR, but considering how fast new models hit the shelves this should not surprise anyone. Those who choose to tap into the full potential of matching the new Gear VR with the Galaxy Note 7 should know that the handset has a USB Type-C adapter, which gives it an edge over earlier phones that came carrying a micro USB.

Aside from the connectivity improvement, the Gear VR does bring other upgrades when pitted against the previous model.

Not only does the headset come with USB-C support, but its design was revamped to make wearing it more comfortable for users. This, in turn, yields increased immersive VR experiences. It is worth remembering that the Gear VR is not crafted to work alone, so big part of VR quality will rely on the smartphone you pair it with.

Luckily, the Galaxy Note 7 is famed to sport the best mobile display on the market, which is not unusual when it comes to Samsung's dedication to its flagship visuals. Pairing the device with the Note 7 has one extra advantage, as users can plug a USB thumb drive into the bottom and watch content stored on the drive inside the VR.

In terms of general looks and design, the improved Gear VR is monochrome, as the OEM replaced the white and dark blue with an all dark blue shade.

If we spiked your interest, know that you can purchase the headset from Amazon at the same price as its anterior model, which sold for $99.99. Amazon touts that it will start shipping on Aug. 19, so there is little time left until the device will start bringing VR fun to households everywhere.

Should you feel more at ease preordering via Samsung's own site, just go to the official page.

Keep in mind that the Samsung Gear VR rolls out simultaneously with the Galaxy Note 7, and those who like bargains might find bundle offers in which buying a Note 7 will get you the new Gear VR for free. Stay tuned!

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