The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rules them all when it comes to display quality, according to experts from DisplayMate.

Samsung's latest flagship phablet is making huge waves for good reason, rocking impressive specifications all around, inside and out.

In a new report titled "Samsung Galaxy Note 7 OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out," DisplayMate president Raymond Soneira praises the Note 7's display as the best ever for a smartphone.

First off, the expert highlights just how crucial an innovative and powerful display is for a top-end smartphone. The most successful smartphones have always boasted top display technology, because it's essential for how things look on the smartphone.

The quality of a device's screen is paramount to how readable text is, how good graphics and photos look and how well the display works in bright sunlight or other lighting conditions. The "crown jewel" of a smartphone is its display, and Samsung excels in this department.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rocks a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a high QHD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, rendering gorgeous clarity, vividness and accuracy. The screen is also curved, bending on both sides, allowing users to view and control the curved edges from both the front and the sides.

Taking the Galaxy Note 7's display for a spin, DisplayMate found a number of remarkable qualities. For instance, while most smartphones offer one color mode and no option to change it, the Galaxy Note 7 enables users to control four color modes, depending on their preferences. This could come particularly in handy in certain scenarios, such as tapping into a 4K UHD TV's top-notch 4K video content via the smartphone's Digital Cinema mode.

In terms of the color range it can reproduce, the Galaxy Note 7 tops display performance for the widest color gamut. The Note 7's display also excels in other categories such as high contrast ratio, peak brightness, lowest screen reflectance and others.

DisplayMate notes that the Galaxy Note 7's display shows improvements in virtually any aspect compared with its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 5, and the company's current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7.

"The Galaxy Note 7 provides many major and important state-of-the-art display enhancements, with mobile OLED display technology now advancing faster than ever," concludes Soneira. "The Galaxy Note 7 is the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display that we have ever tested."

DisplayMate also points out that the Galaxy Note series typically leads the way in display technology, with Samsung implementing and refining the technology in its subsequent Galaxy S flagships. This means that the Galaxy Note 7's impressive display features should make their way to the future Galaxy S8 as well.

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