Verizon And Sprint Start Selling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Again

22 September 2016, 7:02 am EDT By Sumit Passary Tech Times
Sprint and Verizon have started selling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with the safe battery. The sales of the Galaxy Note 7 were temporarily halted in the U.S. because of the tendency of its battery to explode.  ( Verizon )

Samsung, as well as all carriers in the U.S., had temporarily halted the sales of Galaxy Note 7 in the country because of the battery explosion issue. Now, Sprint and Verizon have started selling the Samsung phablet again.

More than 90 cases of Galaxy Note 7's battery exploding while charging have been reported in the U.S., which has resulted in Samsung to recall more than a million Galaxy Note 7 in the country over security concerns.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) also urged Galaxy Note 7 owners not to charge or use the Samsung device.

"Lithium-ion batteries pack a lot of power into a small package. When these batteries overheat and burst, the results can be serious. This is why the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urging all consumers who own a Samsung Galaxy Note7 to power them down and stop charging or using the device," says the CPSC.

Samsung has also confirmed that they are working with CPSC to ensure that potentially hazardous Galaxy Note 7 units are replaced with those equipped with a safe battery.

"Our collaboration with the CPSC, carrier partners, and via our own communication channels is aimed at ensuring all Note7 users are aware of the issue and understand their options," said Tim Baxter, the president of Samsung Electronics America.

Samsung has been swift to address the issue. In a video message, Baxter has confirmed that the company replaced 130,000 Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S.

When the carriers stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7 many customers were left disappointed. However, that could change now that Sprint and Verizon have started selling the Galaxy Note 7 again.

Verizon Wireless customers can purchase the Galaxy Note 7 under the zero percent APR scheme. Interested customers will have to pay $0 down and $36 monthly in 24 installments. Customers who do not want to be tied to lengthy contracts can opt to purchase the Samsung handset for $864 outright.

Sprint customers can grab a brand new Galaxy Note 7 by paying $0 down and then $35.42 per month in 24 monthly installments. Sprint is offering $120 discount to those who switch to them from other networks, which means the monthly installment amount will be reduced to $30.42. Customers can also buy the Galaxy Note 7 for $849.99 outright.

AT&T has not listed the Galaxy Note 7 on its webpage again, but the carrier suggests that it will start receiving safe Galaxy Note 7 in its retail stores on or before Sept. 21.

"AT&T will receive new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices on or before September 21, 2016 in our retail stores," says AT&T.

Samsung has confirmed that it has shipped 500,000 safe to use Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S. The new stock of the phablet will be offered to customers who were forced to trade-in their potentially dangerous phones and probably to new customers who have been waiting for the mobile phone for months.

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