'No Man's Sky' Recreated As A 'Doom' Mod

22 September 2016, 12:37 pm EDT By Cameron Koch Tech Times
"No Guy's Sky" may look simplistic visually, but this mod for "Doom" comes awfully close to beating the real thing.  ( Robert Prest | YouTube )

No Man's Sky has proven to be one of the most controversial game releases in recent memory, with more than a few players feeling let down and even lied to about the game's features. But even if No Man's Sky turned out to be a major disappointment, there's no denying that the idea for the game still has plenty of potential, potential one creator has tried to realize all on his own.

"No Guy's Sky" is a No Man's Sky-style mod for Doom created by Robert Prest. As shown in a YouTube video documenting his creation, "No Guy's Sky" plays awfully similar to the real thing, only with far more simplistic visuals (it is a Doom mod after all).

Just like in the real No Man's Sky, players can warp from planet to planet in their spaceship on a quest to the galactic center. On the surface of each planet players can collect resources, storing them in a backpack. Players are also equipped with a jetpack and can battle sentinels patrolling the various planets. Of course, there's also "randomly generated wildlife" in the form of various different "heads" placed on top of the legs from one of Doom's classic enemy types. Planet names are randomly generated and can also be renamed by the player.

After acquiring the necessary resources from a planet, players can then warp to a new planet and begin the saga all over again by pressing the comically giant red button labeled "Boldly go where no man has gone before ... apart from the natives ... and they don't have a flag." There's even a galactic map inside the player's spaceship that displays their location in the galaxy with a simple "you are here." Players can dock at space stations to exchange resources from vending machines, negotiate with alien species and much, much more.

As for what's at the center of the galaxy in "No Guy's Sky"? It's a surprise best left unspoiled, but you can watch the video below to see for yourself. Hint: it's probably a better ending than the one in the real No Man's Sky.

Perhaps what's most impressive is that Prest says he has yet to even play No Man's Sky. Everything he built for the mod comes from what he knows about the game and has seen in trailers. Sure, it's not as large or visually appealing as No Man's Sky, but it's nonetheless impressive to see one guy cook up a simple, albeit working replica of what Hello Games spent years to do in a mere three weeks. Bravo Mr. Prest, bravo.

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