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No Man's Sky Is Headed To The Xbox One And Getting Biggest Update Ever

'No Man's Sky' is finally breaking PlayStation 4 console exclusivity and hitting the Xbox One this summer. At the same time, the game will also get its biggest update yet, called 'Sky NEXT.'

Video Games March 30, 2018

No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Update: 30 Hours Worth Of Story, Multiplayer, New Worlds, And More

'No Man’s Sky' has now received its biggest update yet in the form of Atlas Rises. Hello Games promises to bring hours and hours of story content, the use of portals, new visually improved worlds, and a lot more.

Video Games August 12, 2017

Massive 'No Man's Sky' Path Finder Update Launched: Exocraft Vehicles, Permadeath Mode, Base Sharing, And More

Hello Games has released the Path Finder Update for 'No Man's Sky,' introducing a host of new features such as Exocraft vehicles, a Permadeath mode, and Base Sharing. Will these be enough to win back disappointed players?

Video Games March 9, 2017

No Man's Sky Path Finder Update Will Introduce Vehicle For Easier Planet Exploration

Hello Games announced that it will be adding a planetary exploration vehicle to 'No Man's Sky' in the Path Finder Update coming later this week. What else is coming to the controversial space exploration game?

Video Games March 8, 2017

'No Man's Sky' And 'The Witness' Makes Way To NVIDIA SHIELD Devices

‘No Man’s Sky’ and ‘The Witness’ two indie games, have been released on the NVIDIA Android Shield consoles. These two games have been equally loved and hated by the gaming community and players will be eager to try them out.

Video Games January 17, 2017

Best Video Games Of 2016: Overwatch, Uncharted 4, Doom, No Man's Sky And More

2016 saw the release of several new titles and updates to existing franchises. We have identified the top 15 games across the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. See if your favorite made the cut.

Video Games December 3, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Foundation Update Goes Live With Base Building, Freighters And More: Here's What's New [Video]

The 'No Man's Sky' Foundation Update has officially landed and it adds a number of cool new features and options. Players can now build bases, use freighters to move resources across the galaxy, test their endurance in the challenging survival mode, and more.

Video Games November 28, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Foundation Update Coming Soon With Base Building And It's Just The Beginning, Says Hello Games

Hello Games has officially announced the Foundation Update, the first major update to hit 'No Man's Sky' since the game launched in August. The Foundation Update brings a new base-building option, and it's only the beginning, setting the stage for more updates to come.

Video Games November 25, 2016

Game Awards 2016: More Gameplay, Less CGI Due To 'No Man's Sky'

The Game Awards 2016 will feature less CGI trailers and more actual footage during presentations, according to the show's host and producer Geoff Keighley. The decision to feature more substance than hype is a lesson learned from 'No Man's Sky.'

Video Games November 17, 2016

Hello Games Calls 'No Man's Sky' A Mistake In Tweet, But Everything Might Not Be As It Seems

A tweet from the official Hello Games Twitter account breaks a more than two month silence from the developers of 'No Man's Sky'. But it looks like a hacker is to blame.

Video Games October 28, 2016

Who Is To Blame For 'No Man's Sky'? We All Are

There are numerous lessons to learn from 'No Man's Sky,' chief among them being that fans, the press and the game's developers all played a major role in what turned out to be one of the biggest video game disappointments in recent memory.

Video Games October 6, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Subreddit Has Been Shut Down And The Community Isn't Pleased [UPDATE]

In the latest incident of the ongoing 'No Man's Sky' saga, the subreddit has been shut down by a mod because of it becoming a 'hate-filled wastehole of no actual discussion.'

Video Games October 5, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Creator Sean Murray 'Open' To Explaining What Went Wrong On Geoff Keighley's New YouTube Gaming Show

In the first episode of 'LIVE With YouTube Gaming,' host Geoff Keighley discusses what went wrong with 'No Man's Sky.'

Video Games September 30, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Under Investigation For Misleading Marketing In The UK

The backlash against 'No Man's Sky' continues, as the UK's Advertising Standard Authority is now taking a critical look at the game's possibly misleading marketing.

Video Games September 28, 2016

Could 'Astroneer' Be The 'No Man's Sky' Killer We've Been Waiting For?

'No Man's Sky' has turned out to be a huge disappointment that continues to leave a bad taste in gamers' mouth. But that could all change with the release of a new game known as 'Astroneer' for the Xbox One and Windows PC.

Video Games September 28, 2016

New 'No Man's Sky' 1.09 Update Fully Detailed With In-Depth Patch Notes, Still No Word On New Features

'No Man's Sky' received an update earlier this week, and now detailed patch notes have revealed all the changes.

Video Games September 23, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Recreated As A 'Doom' Mod

'No Guy's Sky' may look simplistic visually, but this mod for 'Doom' comes awfully close to beating the real thing.

Video Games September 22, 2016

Sony Exec Says 'No Man's Sky' PR Strategy Wasn't Great

Following fan backlash after release, President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida says Hello Games didn't have a great PR strategy.

Video Games September 16, 2016

'DMCA's Sky' Is An Indie Developer's Answer To Nintendo's Takedown Of 'No Mario's Sky'

Nintendo has issued a takedown notice on yet another fan-developed game, 'No Mario's Sky.' However, unlike other developers, this one fired back with a 'new' game, 'DMCA's Sky.'

Video Games September 6, 2016

Valve Updates 'No Man's Sky' Steam Page With Important Refund-Related Notice

The many refund requests seem to be taking a toll on retails. Valve recently updated the 'No Man's Sky' Steam page to reflect the rules and that no one is exempt from it.

Video Games August 30, 2016

Ex-Sony Developer Is Against Gamers Getting 'No Man's Sky' Refunds After 50 Hours Of Playtime

'No Man's Sky' problems have forced Sony, Amazon and Steam to issue out refunds, even to those who have played the game for more than 50 hours. A former Sony developer is not pleased with this.

Video Games August 29, 2016

Some 'No Man's Sky' Players Are Finding Their Discoveries Are Being Erased

Documenting and naming new planets and wildlife is one of the key features of 'No Man's Sky.' So, what happens when that feature doesn't seem to be working?

Video Games August 26, 2016

Two Weeks After Release, The Number Of People Playing 'No Man's Sky' Has Plummeted

The hugely-anticipated game has seen a steep drop in number of active players in the past two weeks.

Video Games August 24, 2016

Latest 'No Man's Sky' Update Should Fix Almost All Of The Game's Crashing Issues

Hello Games is hard at work fixing many of 'No Man's Sky's' known issues. These include frequent crashes on the PlayStation 4.

Video Games August 24, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Might Charge For DLC After All

'No Man's Sky' creator Sean Murray previously said that the game's DLC would be free. Now, he says that might not be the case.

Video Games August 17, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Has Second-Best PS4 Debut In History

Hello Games' 'No Man's Sky' has rocketed into the record books, having the second-best PS4 debut in history. It also topped the UK charts in the week ending Aug. 15.

Video Games August 15, 2016

'No Man's Sky's' PC Release Is Taking A Beating On Steam

'No Man's Sky' has launched on the PC, but the release hasn't gone as well as many people would have liked.

Video Games August 13, 2016

PC Version Of 'No Man's Sky' Suffering From Performance Issues Upon Release: Hello Games Scrambling For A Fix

The PC version of 'No Man's Sky' has suffered from performance issues right upon release. Players have reported problems that include crashing upon launch, heavy stuttering and frame rate drops.

Video Games August 13, 2016

‘No Man’s Sky’ Preorder Ship Causing Problems For Some Players

Ships are integral to exploring 'No Man’s Sky.' Unfortunately, some players are having trouble with the game specifically because of a ship they got as a preorder bonus.

Video Games August 12, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Release Times Are Out: Here's When You Can Download It On PC Via Steam

'No Man's Sky' is only a couple of hours away before rolling out on the PC, and for those who want to know when they can finally download it, here are the release times from Hello Games.

Video Games August 12, 2016

'No Man’s Sky' Limited Edition Boxes Hide 'Online Play' Icon With Stickers

It’s an understatement to say there’s a lot to be discovered in 'No Man’s Sky.' One player, however, found out that there are even discoveries hiding in the game’s limited edition box.

Video Games August 11, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Developer Mind Blown As Players Meet In Game On Day 1, Despite Immense Universe

'No Man's Sky' has an immensely vast universe, yet two players managed to meet in the game. Developer Sean Murray says this is mind-blowing, but the procedurally generated universe hides many secrets.

Video Games August 10, 2016

PS4 Neo Could ‘Fundamentally Change’ The ‘No Man’s Sky’ Player Experience

There are 18 quintillion planets for players to find in 'No Man’s Sky.' Had the game been released for the PS4 Neo though, Hello Games’ Sean Murray said the player experience would 'fundamentally change.'

Video Games August 10, 2016

A Beginner's Guide For 'No Man's Sky': Tips For New Space Explorers

Starting out in "No Man's Sky" could be almost impossibly daunting at first due to the massive universe of the space exploration game. Here are some helpful tips to get new players started with their adventures.

Video Games August 9, 2016

If You're Confused By The 'No Man's Sky' Start Screen, You Aren't The Only One

More than a few gamers have been thrown for a loop trying to start up 'No Man's Sky.'

Video Games August 9, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Guide: How To Farm Thamium9 In Bulk

Thamium9 is one of the most important isotopes in 'No Man's Sky.' Here is a quick guide to help you collect it in mass quantities.

Video Games August 9, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Has A Frame Rate Problem ... But Only If You Fly Really Fast

There's a lot going on behind the scenes in 'No Man's Sky.' In one situation in particular, the PS4 struggles to keep up.

Video Games August 9, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Developer Sean Murray Says Game Might Not Be What Fans Imagined

'No Man's Sky' developer Sean Murray opens up about what the ambitious new game is and isn't in a new blog post.

Video Games August 8, 2016

The Complete Guide To 'No Man's Sky' Preorder Bonuses And Special Editions

Here's all the retailer exclusive extras and special editions available for 'No Man's Sky.'

Video Games August 8, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Becomes Uncharted Once More In Massive Day One Patch

'No Man's Sky' has become uncharted once again, thanks to a massive patch that changed a plethora of core mechanics that players had become accustomed to in recent days.

Video Games August 8, 2016

‘No Man’s Sky’ Companion App Goes Live Ahead Of Game’s Release

Don’t know what to do while waiting for 'No Man’s Sky'? Here’s a companion app to check out to tide you over until the game’s official release this month.

Apps/Software August 6, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Recent Spoilers Get Fans Worried Before Official Release, But A Major Update Is Already In Tow

Fans of 'No Man’s Sky' were saddened to read that the Sci-Fi survival exploration game is seriously bugged, but the team at Hello Games recently announced that a big update patch will fix the issues and add more content.

Video Games August 5, 2016

One 'No Man's Sky' Player Has Already Reached The Center Of Its Galaxy, But He's Not Telling What He Found (Yet)

Early impressions for 'No Man's Sky' are beginning to emerge, including news that players can reach the center of its supposedly near-infinite galaxy in a mere 30 hours.

Video Games August 1, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Fan Spends $1,300 To Get An Early Copy

A big fan of 'No Man's Sky' who just couldn't wait any longer bought an early copy at eBay that cost him $1,300. However, don't expect any big spoilers from him.

Video Games August 1, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Players On PlayStation 4 Won't Need Plus Subscription To Play Online

Sony confirmed that 'No Man's Sky' players will not need a paid PlayStation Plus subscription to access the game's online components, although the company usually requires that subscription for other online games.

Video Games July 25, 2016

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