LG V20 Has 3 Killer Camera Features For Great Shots: Focus Peaking, Tracking Focus And Zoom Slider

18 October 2016, 1:55 am EDT By Vincent Lanaria Tech Times
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The LG V20 has three camera features that should let any user take great shots like a pro, and the smartphone maker has just shown off what they can bring to the table.

Focus Peaking, Tracking Focus and Zoom Slider — these are the options that future owners of the handset can expect to make the most out of in their mobile photography experience. Needless to say, they are handy in most situations.

Focus Peaking: Green Highlights The Objects

(Photo : LG)

To start things off, Focus Peaking highlights areas with green so users can easily see which parts are in focus the most. For some, this is a familiar feature, as professional photographers and videographers have been using it way before it came to the LG V20.

Tracking Focus: Stay Sharp In Video Recording

(Photo : LG)

Capturing clear videos is going to be a whole deal easier with Tracking Focus. Basically, the LG V20 can follow the object that users want to keep focus on, even if the subject is in motion.

Zoom Slider: Take Control With Just One Finger

(Photo : LG)

With Zoom Slider on board, there's no need to pinch to zoom in or out anymore. That definitely makes things more convenient.

Take note that the function will only show up on the left side of the screen when recording in Expert mode.

The Bottom Line

To boil things down, the LG V20 wants to be a strong mobile alternative to the typical cameras that professionals use, and with Focus Peaking, Tracking Focus and Zoom Slider in the toolbox, the smartphone has a pretty strong offering in store for fans here and there.

"Packed with more pro-quality multimedia functions than had ever previously been bundled into a smartphone, LG's latest flagship, V20, is the ultimate digital storytelling device," LG says.

For the uninitiated, the handset in question comes equipped with a dual camera configuration on the rear, where one sensor sports 16 megapixels and the other one dons 8 megapixels that's designed to take wide-angle shots.

Before wrapping things up, it's also worth mentioning that the LG-branded flagship is set to go up for sale via Verizon on Oct. 20, a few days ahead of the expected release date. That said, the Big Red seems to be up and about to come out on top of the competition among the major U.S. carriers.

As for the price, it's expected to be set at slightly higher than T-Mobile's $769.99.

With everything cleared up, what do you think of the LG V20's killer camera features? Feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know.

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