Is Your iPhone 6s Suddenly Shutting Down? Apple Will Replace Your Battery For Free To Fix The Issue


Apple has launched an iPhone 6s battery replacement program for users who are experiencing sudden shutdowns on their device.

According to the dedicated webpage for the repair program, the issue only affects a small number of iPhone 6s devices, and that it should not be considered as a risk to the safety of users.

iPhone 6s Repair Program Details

Apple said that the problem only affects iPhone 6s units that fall within a specific range of serial numbers, with the smartphones manufactured between the months of September and October in the year 2015.

For iPhone 6s users who have been suffering through the issue, they may take their device to any authorized service provider or retail store of Apple to have the serial number of the smartphone checked. If the serial number falls within the specific range covered by the repair program, Apple will replace the battery of the iPhone 6s for free, and that should fix the problem of unexpected shutdowns.

Apple recommends that users first contact the authorized service provider or retail store that they would visit to be able to check the availability of the battery replacement service. It was also noted by the company that wireless carrier partner companies are not a part of the repair program and will not accept battery replacement requests.

The replacement could be restricted to only be carried out within the country where the affected iPhone 6s was purchased. For customers who had already paid to have their battery replaced but are eligible for the free service, they may contact Apple to request for a refund.

Preparing For The Repair Program

In the dedicated webpage of the iPhone 6s repair program, Apple added that to prepare the smartphone for the process of battery replacements, users should first back up their data either on iTunes or on the iCloud, and then turn off the Find My iPhone feature.

Afterwards, users should then erase all the content and settings in the smartphone through the Reset menu under the General option of the device's Settings.

It was also noted that if the iPhone 6s has suffered any damage that needs to be addressed before being able to properly replace its battery, the user will first need to have the problem fixed before the free battery replacement is given.

Another Apple Repair Program Recently Launched

Apple has also recently launched a repair program for the so-called Touch Disease on the iPhone 6 Plus. The program is not free though, as customers experiencing the problem in their smartphones will have to pay $149.

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