Apple is now officially selling refurbished versions of its previous flagships now that the more recent iPhone 7 has been released. If you want to save 15 percent off the original price of Apple's iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you may want to opt for the refurbished variants.

Pricing starts at $449 for a 16 GB iPhone 6s, $529 for a 16 GB iPhone 6s Plus and $589 for a 64 GB iPhone 6s Plus. All the listings state that the phones will be unlocked, SIM-free models and will be available in three colors: silver, space gray and rose gold.

All models will come with a year's worth of warranty, and while these units are indeed refurbished, Apple states that all the devices will ship with a brand-new battery and an outer shell.

In the past, Apple has sold refurbished Macs, MacBooks, iPads, iPods and even Apple TVs, but this marks the first time that the company is putting refurbished variants of its smartphones up for sale.

If you find that the price points are still a bit steep to your liking, there's also an exhaustive list of used iPhone models from third-party retailers, but that nets you a considerable risk of receiving bogus and faulty units that might still hold defects. If possible, it's best to stick to Apple if you want official refurbished units straight from the company itself.

Is Apple Clearing Out iPhone 6s Units?

Finally selling refurbished phones is an odd turnout for Apple, who previously didn't harbor a predilection for putting up lower-priced iPhones for sale. Since the iPhone is one of Apple's major profit contributor, the company has always offered the lineup in its full price to avoid encouraging consumers to opt for the inexpensive models.

It's up for speculation why Apple has suddenly decided to sell refurbished iPhone 6s or 6s Plus units for the first time. The measly sales figures of the 6s lineup may have convinced Apple to offer them at a bargain in an attempt to clear out the inventory at a faster pace. It's also a way to attract users who, upon veering from the iPhone 7's steep price, might be eyeing other Android handsets such as the Google Pixel.

Apple is currently exerting efforts to bolster its gross margins. In a recent note to investors by Apple, the company has reported a lower gross margin guidance for Q1 2017, and it might be skipping a refresh of the iPhone SE as a result.

What Are Refurbished Products?

If you're worrying about the prefix of a refurbished product, then you shouldn't. In fact, refurbished variants of products are often better than their newer counterparts.

Refurbished products are basically devices users have returned because of problems or defects. Apple scrutinizes and fixes whatever these products may have, and once everything is ironed out, they put the components in a new outer shell and sells it for a much lower price.

These products go through a lengthy pat-down to ensure that there'll be no more problems embedded in the refurbished product. Aside from this, selling refurbished variants is also a way for Apple to offset the cost of product returns and prevent wasted inventory.

If you're planning on buying one, head over to Apple's special deals site of refurbished iPhone 6s or 6s Plus units to find the right configuration for you.

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