Did You Order A Microsoft Surface Studio? Some Lucky Users Will Get Them This Week


If you were among the initial few who preordered the new Surface Studio PC from Microsoft, then you will be pleased as punch to learn that the Redmond-based company is already shipping out the device.

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, Microsoft started shipping out the ultrathin Surface Studio to those who had preordered the PC on the first day of availability itself.

If you are one of the lucky users quick to jump the gun and preorder the device, then check your email and you would possibly have a shipping notification from Microsoft waiting in your inbox.

Microsoft was initially expected to ship the Surface Studios in mid-December. However, per reports, the company has emailed the first people who preordered the $2,999 PC, alerting them of the Surface Studio's shipment and arrival this week.

"The wait is almost over! Your Surface Studio is about to arrive. Our team has worked relentlessly to reinvent your desktop, and we want your first experience with the Surface Studio to be absolutely perfect," reads the email from Panos Panay, the corporate vice president of Devices at Microsoft.

In addition to shipping the desktop, Microsoft will be offering the Surface Studio customers a dedicated phone line they can call to get help with any problems they could potentially encounter with the new PC. They can express their concerns or give feedback as well.

Considering that the early adopters of the Surface Studio are shelling out a minimum of $3,000, the high-end customer service Microsoft is offering its consumers will be appreciated by them.

That's not all - Microsoft will also ship a tiny booklet along with the Surface Studio as a token of appreciation for customers who purchased the $2,999 device.

Surface Studio Specs And Features

For the uninitiated, the Surface Studio has a 28-inch (across) touchscreen display, which is just 12.5 millimeters (0.49 inches) thick. Microsoft asserts this is the "world's thinnest LCD monitor."

The new PC has a 3:2 display ratio and employs TrueColor tech. It has 13.5 million pixels to offer an immersive experience to users - it doesn't matter which angle the screen is viewed from.

Under the hood, the Surface Studio houses a quad-core i7 processor, 2 TB hard drive, an Nvidia 980M GPU and 32 GB of RAM. The device also has slots for an SD card, four USB 3.0 ports, audio, Mini DisplayPort, as well as Ethernet and audio cables.

Microsoft continues to accept preorders for the Surface Studio, but the new devices will not ship before "early 2017."

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