AMD's New Zen Desktop CPU Could Be Sold for $499: Better Performance Than $1,000 Intel 5th Generation CPU


AMD hasn't been truly competitive in the CPU market for quite some time, and this has caused Intel to take a big chunk of market share like never before. However, AMD is hoping to make a huge comeback with its Zen processors destined for a 2017 release date. If rumors are to be trusted, Intel could be in huge trouble.

Zen is said to be very comparable to Intel's newest Core i7 processors in terms of speed. However, that's not the only way AMD plans to ripping control from Intel's hands. Like with previous CPU releases, the idea is yet again to release a high performing product that cost far less what the nearest comparable Intel processor.

The FX-8350 was designed to do just that, and while it competed at price with its impressive 8-cores, it couldn't compete where speed is concerned.

Newly leaked information claims the AMD Zen SR7 8 core processor will launch for desktop users in early 2017, and be priced at $499. Apparently, this processor should be able outperform Intel's 8 core i7 5960X. The clock speed here is 3.5Ghz, which is quite impressive from our point of view.

It should be noted that the fastest Core i7 5th generation processor is the 5960X, and the price for that monster is at around $1,000. If AMD can undercut Intel by $500 then trouble in paradise is definitely a possibility. A trouble the market should welcome with open arms because the competition is gravely needed.

Three Zen Products In 2017 And Beyond

A report from WCCFTECH has shown that AMD's aim is to have several Zen processors on the market. The SR7 is the top end line and it will come first. There's also a second SR7 that could go on sale for $349, but will run at a lower clock speed that the standard model.

There's also the SR5 and SR3 set for launch in March. Both are expected to be lower end Zen CPUs, and should cost a lot less than Intel's Core i3 7th generation Kaby Lake processors.

Vega On The Horizon

Zen processors are not the only thing AMD has planned in 2017. The company wants to bring 4K gaming to PC gamers at an affordable level, and this is where the Vega GPUs could make a difference. Right now, anyone hoping to play PC games at 4K will have to spend thousands, possibly.

If AMD and its new Vega GPUs can change this, then we'd be in for a treat. However, only time will tell because if the past is anything to go by, we have to keep an eye out because usually, AMD loves to talk but unable to walk the walk.

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