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AMD Crams 2 Polaris GPUs Into 1 Card, Calls It The New Radeon Pro Duo

AMD has released its twin-GPU card, the Radeon Pro Duo. The next-gen graphics card is aimed at creative professionals who need powerful graphics performance.

Computers April 27, 2017

AMD Vega: Radeon RX Vega GPU May Face Stiff Challenge From Nvidia Volta GPU In Q3

AMD and Nvidia are both expected to unveil brand-new cards this year, with the former’s Radeon RX Vega GPUs, and the latter’s Volta-architecture cards. Nvidia, however, may have a leg up in this race.

Computers April 23, 2017

AMD Announces Radeon RX 500 Series Of Next-Gen GPU

With its Ryzen 5 CPU out, AMD has announced the release of its latest graphics card: the Radeon RX 500. The cards are scheduled for a May release.

Computers April 19, 2017

AMD Vega GPU Release Date Drawing Near: Leaked Specs Suggest Radeon RX Vega Can Take On Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

The next-generation graphics card of AMD, known as the Radeon RX Vega, will soon be released. Leaked specifications claim that it will be a worthy challenger to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Computers April 15, 2017

It’s Happening: Old Versions Of Windows Stop Supporting Latest Processors

Microsoft announced last year that next-gen processors such as Intel Skylake will not be supported in Windows 7 and 8.1 versions. Now the promise is taking effect based on some user reports.

Microsoft April 14, 2017

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X And 1500X Review Roundup: AMD Bests Intel In Mid-Range Fight

AMD has released Ryzen 5, the CPU line to challenge Intel in the mid-range market. But did it exceed the hype or did just enough?

Computers April 12, 2017

AMD Looks Into The Future With Acquisition Of VR Startup Nitero

American chipmaker AMD has acquired VR company Nitero for undisclosed terms. The acquisition signals AMD’s foray into the growing VR market.

Computers April 11, 2017

AMD Ryzen Begins Gaming Optimization With 'Ashes Of The Singularity'

AMD tries to get back into the arms of gamers with its AMD Ryzen optimization project. The company collaborated with Oxide Games to patch ‘Ashes of the Singularity’ optimized for the AMD Ryzen CPU.

Computers March 31, 2017

Microsoft Reportedly Disabling Updates For Latest AMD, Intel Chips Running Windows 7 Or 8.1

True to its promise last year, Microsoft will disable any form of updates for modern processors still running older versions of Windows. Affected processors include those from AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm.

Apps/Software March 17, 2017

AMD Ryzen Aiming At Mainstream PC Market: What It Means For Intel

The Ryzen 5's launch may potentially impact Intel as rival AMD targets the mainstream PC market. Based on early testing by AMD, the Ryzen 5 has proved to be much more efficient than its Intel counterpart.

Computers March 16, 2017

AMD Ryzen May Not Live Up To The Expectations, Here's Why

The latest AMD Ryzen 7 series processors may not be as good as the company's claims. Several tests and benchmarks show that Intel’s Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K fares much better than AMD’s new chipset.

Computers March 2, 2017

Ryzen 7 Preorder Guide: Here's Where To Buy AMD's New CPUs 1700, 1700X, And 1800X

AMD has officially unveiled the first Ryzen CPUs and put them up for preorder already. To help things move along, here's where to buy the Ryzen 7 1700, 1700X, and 1800X.

Computers February 23, 2017

AMD Ryzen Release Date, Performance, And Price Revealed As Preorders Go Live

AMD has officially unveiled the three Ryzen 7 CPUs 1700, 1700X, and 1800X, and it has given out all the important details, from the release date and performance to the price and preorder details.

Computers February 23, 2017

AMD's Zen Architecture That Powers Ryzen Chips Set To Last 4 Years

AMD's new Ryzen chips based on the new Zen architecture will offer improvements that will trounce what Intel's current Kaby Lake chip is able to manage. These include significantly better performance and longer lifespan.

Computers January 9, 2017

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 4K Graphic Card Announced: GTX 980 Ti Owners Get First Taste

Nvidia has announced the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 4K graphic card, the one card to rule them all. It comes at a time when AMD is prepping to launch its own 4K graphic card, codenamed Vega. Both cards should hit market in 2017.

Computers December 22, 2016

AMD Radeon RX 460 Cores Can Be Unlocked To Boost Performance Via BIOS Modding: 896 Stream Processors To 1,024

There is a trick that can boost AMD Radeon RX 460's performance by about 12 percent. It will be able to unlock additional cores that AMD has so far failed to admit as well as stream processors and texture mapping units, all for a very simple and short procedure.

Computers December 13, 2016

AMD Crimson ReLive Radeon Update Boosts Performance, Reduces Power Consumption

AMD's Radeon cards got significantly improved thanks to the Radeon Software Crimson ReLive update. The driver introduces new features and functions that can boost performance and efficiency

Computers December 9, 2016

AMD's New Horizon Event For Zen Could Give Us First Look At AM4 Motherboards Based On X370 Chipset

The New Horizon event is set for Dec. 13, and there AMD hopes to have a successful presentation detailing Zen. The company could also talk about its AM4 motherboards that are required to have Zen up and running.

Computers December 7, 2016

AMD's New Zen Desktop CPU Could Be Sold for $499: Better Performance Than $1,000 Intel 5th Generation CPU

The Athlon series of chips are the last CPUs from AMD to truly compete with Intel, and since then, the company has struggled to deliver. However, with its upcoming Zen processor, things could change drastically, especially if the prices are right.

Computers November 29, 2016

Intel Turns To AI For The Future: Deep Learning Chips Expected Next Year

With the new range of AI chips, Intel wants to give machine and deep learning tasks their own dedicated processors, independent of conventional chipsets. The initial batch will begin slipping into your computers in 2017.

Computers November 18, 2016

Apple MacBook Pro 2016: OLED Dynamic Function Row, Integrated Touch ID, AMD Chips And Everything We Know So Far

Apple is set to hold a press event on Oct. 27, where it's expected to unveil the new MacBook Pro. The company's soon-to-be flagship laptop is rumored to feature an OLED secondary display, Touch ID, beefed-up internals and more.

Computers October 21, 2016

AMD Ships Out eSports-Ready Desktops With 7th-Generation A-Series Processors

AMD announces that its new 7th generation AMD A-Series APUs have already started shipping out aboard new Lenovo and HP desktop systems. AMD claims that the new APUs offer up to equivalent productivity performance with the Intel i5-6500.

Computers September 6, 2016

Apple Expected To Release New MacBook Pro With OLED 'Dynamic Function Row,' Updated MacBook Air And AMD iMac

Apple is preparing to update all of its most popular products in the next couple of weeks. A new report claims the company is about to launch updated versions of its MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac lineup.

Computers August 30, 2016

AMD Zen Path Uncovered: Inside The Development Process, Shaping Up As Fearsome Intel Rival

AMD has revealed a slew of technical details about its upcoming Zen CPUs. Looking at the technical specs, it looks like rival Intel might have something to be worried about.

Computers August 25, 2016

AMD Radeon RX 470 Review Roundup: What Experts Are Saying

AMD launched the RX 470 graphics card at an affordable price that has been applauded by the gaming industry. Here are what reviewers have to say about the AMD GPU.

Computers August 5, 2016

AMD Fixes RX 480 Power Draw Issue As Promised With 16.7.1 Driver

As promised, AMD has released its software solution for the RX 480’s power draw issues uncovered just last week. Driver update 16.7.1 delivers the fixes as intended, alongside a few performance tweaks that provide overall smoother gameplay.

Computers July 11, 2016

AMD To Fix RX 480 Power Draw Issue Via Upcoming Patch

Fair warning: abandon ship! AMD RX 480 might be killing your motherboards. Issues arose after the consumer-friendly GPU’s launch just last week, though the company is reportedly working on a patch to avoid further motherboard deaths.

Computers July 5, 2016

AMD Radeon RX 480 Review Roundup: Does The Powerful $200 Graphics Card Live Up To The Hype?

AMD's $200 Radeon RX 480 graphics card capable of delivering performance similar to the current $500 graphics cards launched on June 29. The early reviews are in and we check out if the card lives up to the hype.

Gadgets June 30, 2016

AMD Showcases Radeon RX Series At E3, Touting Performance For Gaming On A Budget

AMD’s helm, Lisa Su, went on stage at the E3 2016 to present her company’s plans for GPU deployment. Gamers found out that aside from the RX 480, two additional powerful and affordable cards are in tow.

Computers June 14, 2016

AMD Gearing Up For The Uprising: A Radeon Revolution For The Average Gamer

AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group aims to conquer the mid-ranger sector, and it has a solid plan. Not only is it offering bang for the buck with its upcoming Radeon RX 480, but it also carefully listens to its users.

Computers June 13, 2016

AMD Radeon RX 480: A Pocket-Friendly, VR-Ready Graphics Card

AMD has unveiled the Radeon RX 480, which is capable of delivering performance similar to the current $500 graphics cards. The new GPU, however, will only be sold for $200.

Computers June 1, 2016

AMD Radeon Crimson Software Edition 16.5.1 Beta Now Available: Here's What It Brings

AMD released the most recent version of Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.1 Beta drivers, and the performance boost is something to go for. The company was kind enough to let users know about workarounds for possible troubleshooting.

Apps/Software May 10, 2016

Revamped AMD Project Quantum Tipped To Rock Zen CPU And Vega Graphics

AMD may finally be able to produce its Project Quantum PC. The rekindled Project Quantum system will reportedly feature a Zen CPU and a next-gen Vega GPU with HBM2.

Computers April 26, 2016

Intel, Watch Out: AMD's New Chip Licensing Deal Could Spin More x86 Rivals

AMD and Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment Co. Ltd. (THATIC) recently signed a licensing agreement for the OEM’s x86 CPUs and SoCs. The move is meant to get back a share of the market that AMD lost to Intel.

Computers April 23, 2016

Hints Of PlayStation NEO, Nintendo NX And Xbox One Slim Surface: Did AMD Jump The Gun?

AMD's quarterly earnings call is out, and it came with news about three upcoming chips for gaming products. This could be a hint for the PlayStation NEO, Nintendo NX and Xbox One Slim.

Video Games April 23, 2016

AMD GPU Roadmap For 2016-2018: What To Expect

AMD recently revealed its roadmap for new GPU cards until 2018, and hype is building up. HDMI 2.0 is soon to land on certain GPUs, and the HBM2 and 14-nm architecture are other elements to be excited about.

Computers April 22, 2016

As Oculus Rift Hits Market, Nvidia And AMD Update Drivers For Best VR Experience

AMD and Nvidia have released new drivers for Vive and Rift headsets. Nvidia's update even addresses some flat screen games.

Wearable Tech March 29, 2016

AMD Unveils Radeon Pro Duo Dual-GPU Video Card Engineered For Virtual Reality

AMD unveiled the Radeon Pro Duo dual-GPU video card made for virtual reality. The latest AMD offering is expected to have a price tag of $1,500 and will be made available in Q2 of 2016.

Computers March 15, 2016

You Can Get Free 'Hitman' Game, Beta Access When You Buy Select AMD Hardware

PC gamers can can get beta access to 'Hitman' and a copy of the full game for free if they purchase select AMD hardware. The title supports DirectX 12 technology, which allows the game to have better graphic quality without sacrificing performance.

Video Games February 17, 2016

AMD Graphics Guru Teases Dual-GPU Fiji Card For Radeon R9 Fury X2

An AMD expert in frame pacing recently sent out a tantalizing tweet about the famed Radeon X2 Fury dual GPU. The two Fiji XT GPUs that Scott Wasson shows are part of a highly anticipated AMD flagship dual GPU.

Computers February 14, 2016

AMD Updates CPU Requirements For Oculus Rift, Takes Back APU Claims

AMD made corrections to a recent list of CPUs that purportedly support the Oculus Rift. After testing the VR compatibility, the company removed all APU chips, guaranteeing that other central processing units will play nice with the Oculus.

Gadgets February 13, 2016

Building Your Own VR-Ready PC? AMD Suggests These CPUs

The Oculus Rift's compatibility tool shows no love for AMD CPUs. So AMD has shared a list of which of its GPUs it thinks you'll need to run the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Computers February 11, 2016

Tesla Hires Microprocessor Expert Jim Keller To Join Autopilot Team

In a statement, Tesla confirmed hiring famed microprocessor engineer Jim Keller, formerly of AMD and Apple. Keller’s expertise is deemed useful in many of Tesla’s current programs, particularly its Autopilot self-driving technology.

FUTURE TECH February 1, 2016

AMD GPUOpen: Time To Open Up The GPU So Coders Can Help Boost Graphics Performance

AMD announced the release of the GPUOpen platform, an action that offers developers the tools needed to max out performances from graphics cards. The company relies on open source, documentation sharing and community engagement to open up its GPUs.

Computers January 27, 2016

AMD Confirms Zen CPUs Will Hit High-End Desktops, Gaming PCs Late This Year

AMD confirmed in an earnings call that it is launching its Zen-based CPUs in the latter part of 2016. The company is set to unveil two entirely new processor families under codenames Summit Ridge and Bristol Ridge.

Computers January 23, 2016

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