Sony Deleting Forum Topics About PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Problems With Bravia TVs


Sony is having relative success with the newly released PlayStation 4 Pro, but not everything has been going according to plan. The console, while powerful, is not showing it's capable of playing most games in native 4K, and some users have problems playing games on their 4K television set.

Most of these issues will go away with time, seeing as the PlayStation 4 is a new system, one that is not yet a month old.

As for the 4K TV issue, well, Sony hasn't come out to clear the air or to tell its fans when they should expect an update to completely get rid of the problem. Users on Reddit have come up with a work-around, but that's not enough. There's another problem, one that affects a particular Sony Bravia TV. Now, instead of reassuring consumers, we have come to understand from a recent report from Crave Online that Sony is suppressing conversations on its forums about the 4K TV debacle.

The main complaint on the forum has much to do about Sony's Bravia x930D 4K TV and how it doesn't play well with the PlayStation 4. Apparently, there's a lot of input lag going on when the console is connected to the Bravia x930D 4K TV, and as such, gamers are having a difficult time enjoying their games.

The fact that a Sony TV is involved could be the reason behind the suppression, or maybe not. We may never find out what the real deal was. All we know right now from a Reddit post is that a thread with over 90 pages was removed from the Sony discussion forum, and that's a problem.

Nevertheless, engineers at Sony are working on a fix, but there's no word on when fans should look forward to downloading it in order to get rid of this never-ending issue.

"Our engineering team is investigating and working on a resolution for this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience," according to a Sony forum employee.

What To Do Now?

The best thing to do is connect your PlayStation 4 Pro to a different TV, or even a computer monitor. If those options are not available, then there's little choice but to keep dealing with the input lag until a fix is released, or just put everything on the backburner and wait it out.

With so many issues facing the PlayStation 4 Pro, we can only hope Microsoft's Project Scorpio is much different.

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