Apple Will Make Some Macs Obsolete By The End Of 2016: Is Your Computer Among Them?

Apple will be making certain Mac models obsolete by the end of the year, with some of the computers to also be added to the company's list of vintage products, according to a report by 9to5Mac.

There is a difference between the designation of an obsolete device and a vintage product by Apple. If your computer will be relegated to either status, it is best to know what the terms mean and how you will be affected.

The Difference Between Obsolete And Vintage Apple Products

In the dedicated page of Apple's website, the company explained the difference between products that are tagged as obsolete and vintage.

A vintage product is a device that has not been manufactured for more than five years ago and less than seven years ago. Apple has discontinued its hardware service for vintage products, save for a few exceptions such as in California, where such Mac computers are still receiving support.

An obsolete product, meanwhile, are those that have been discontinued since over seven years ago. All hardware service are discontinued for obsolete products, with no exceptions, with service providers not allowed to order parts to be used for such devices.

New Obsolete And Vintage Apple Devices By The End Of 2016

According to the report by 9to5Mac, by Dec. 31, the 15-inch and 17-inch models of the MacBook Pro that were released in early 2011 will be added to the vintage list of products in the United States and Turkey and the obsolete list of products everywhere else.

Meanwhile, the Mac mini released in early 2009 and the 13-inch MacBook released in the middle of 2009 will be added to the list of obsolete Apple products across all regions.

Owners of these Apple products should expect support for their devices to end once 2016 rolls out, unless they live in the jurisdictions where there are exceptions for hardware services on the vintage products.

Time To Upgrade Your Mac?

For Apple customers who own the devices that will be added to the list of obsolete and vintage products, it might be time to consider an upgrade to your MacBook Pro, MacBook or Mac mini.

Apple has recently launched the new MacBook Pro 2016, with the models featuring the Touch Bar hitting shelves a couple of weeks ago. While there have been reports of glitches and issues concerning the notebooks, they are still very much capable machines and certainly an upgrade to the computers that will be added to the list of obsolete and vintage products.

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