Owners of the early batches of Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 are reporting a wide variety of what seem like GPU-related glitches on the new laptops.

The glitches are sometimes so severe that the display of the MacBook Pro becomes completely unusable, leaving owners unable to use the newly released computer.

MacBook Pro 2016 GPU Glitch Reports

Reports on the glitches have been coming in through various channels, including on the official Apple forums for MacBooks.

One user claimed that his max-specification MacBook Pro 2016 suddenly had its display go crazy while updating an app through the App Store. The computer then froze, and after being rebooted, its screen was flashing. The laptop was left on and the display issue cleared up after 30 minutes, but the user is understandably worried that such a glitch would happen again.

Another user claimed that the MacBook Pro 2016 does not play well with Adobe's creative tools, with the laptop slowing down and at times becoming unusable while Lightroom is being used.

Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac reported similar graphics issues with the MacBook Pro 2016 wherein the desktop background shows through the open windows of apps. Other reports revealed several other problems such as red and black bars filling up the screen and unrecoverable crashes.

What's Causing The MacBook Pro 2016 Graphics Issues?

While there are already several reports of such graphics problems on the MacBook Pro 2016, it might be too early to determine the definite cause of the problem. It could be the usual number of defective products among a high number of units for an electronic device, or it could be driver issues.

There are some things that are standing out to be common among the reports though. One of these things is the usage of Adobe software, including the aforementioned Lightroom and the Adobe Media Encoder. The problem also looks like it is only affecting the 15-inch model of the MacBook Pro 2016, so there is the possibility that the 13-inch model of the computer is not affected by the glitches.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the problem is due to corrupt firmware on the MacBook Pro 2016 or a hardware problem with the GPU onboard the laptops.

Until Apple releases an official statement regarding the issue, MacBook Pro 2016 owners could do nothing but wait on how to fix the seemingly widespread problem.

One More MacBook Pro 2016 Issue

Another recently reported MacBook Pro 2016 issue is that some 15-inch units of the computer are wrongly indicated to have Iris Pro 580 integrated graphics despite being identified as featuring the Intel HD Graphics 530.

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