Do You Want To Get Your Hands On The Nintendo Switch? Make Your Way To New York On Jan. 13


For gamers in the United States who are looking forward to Nintendo's upcoming hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch, it might be a good idea to start planning a trip to get to New York City by Jan. 13.

On that date, Nintendo will be hosting the first hands-on event for its new video game console, right after the planned Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 on Jan. 12.

Nintendo Switch Hands-On Event Details

According to a Polygon report, the hands-on debut of the Nintendo Switch, the next Nintendo console after the failed Wii U, will be a private event. There is no word on how it would be possible for anybody to get an invitation to the event, nor are there any other details aside from the fact that it will be held in New York City on Jan. 13.

Nintendo, however, said that at the hands-on event, it will be further emphasizing the details that will be announced in the presentation, which will be held a day before. The company has not yet made a public announcement regarding the New York City event, with information such as its time and exact locations expected to be unveiled as Jan. 13 draws nearer.

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017

At the planned event on Jan. 12, which Nintendo is referring to as the Tokyo webcast, as it will be streamed worldwide, the company is planning to unveil more details regarding the Nintendo Switch.

When the announcement trailer of the hybrid console was released in October, gamers got a good glimpse of the design and the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch. However, there remain many questions regarding the device, including its specific release date, the lineup of games that will be available upon its launch and, perhaps most importantly, its price.

Nintendo Switch Rumors

The Nintendo Switch Presentation is still more than a month away, but at the rate that the rumor mills are going, it might be possible that there will be nothing left for Nintendo to announce on Jan. 12 that will surprise gamers.

Freelance video game writer Laura Kate Dale previously claimed that the Nintendo Switch will be released in the PAL region on March 17, which coincides with Nintendo's statements that the hybrid console will have a release date of March 2017. The United States is a part of the NTSC region, though, and extrapolation arrives at a launch date of March 12.

Dale later revealed the titles that she knew would be a part of the games lineup available to the Nintendo Switch upon its release. Among the rumored launch titles are two new Super Mario games and Skyrim, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros. among the reported games that are in the pipeline.

As for the price of the Nintendo Switch, speculation says that the hybrid console will have a price tag of $300. There have been indications that the price could go as low as $250, though, with bundles along the $300 price range and over that include games and accessories.

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