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New ‘Pokémon Ultra Sun,’ ‘Ultra Moon’ Trailer Released: New Z Moves, Photo Club, Necrozma, And Walking Pokémon? [Video]

A brand-new trailer for 'Pokémon Ultra Sun and 'Ultra Moon' has now been released, containing few hints on the major changes from last year’s 'Sun' and 'Moon.' Alongside the cute new Photo Club, a beloved feature might make a return.

Video Games August 19, 2017

This 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet Also Cools and Charges The Hybrid Console

The Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet by ConcaveChest does more than just hold the hybrid console, as it also offers cooling and charging functions. Nintendo Switch owners with 3D printers should definitely give this project a look.

Video Games August 18, 2017

Sonic Mania On Nintendo Switch Has A Home Button Problem, But You Should Still Buy The Game

Nintendo Switch players have reported various bugs for 'Sonic Mania,' including a delayed response when pressing the hybrid console's Home button. Are the issues serious enough to stop players from buying the game?

Video Games August 15, 2017

Nintendo Switch Stock To Arrive At All GameStop Stores Today, Aug. 15: You Might Want To Fall In Line Early

All GameStop stores will replenish their Nintendo Switch stocks on Aug.15. Here is another chance for gamers to purchase the elusive hybrid console, which is still generating a massive amount of hype months after its release.

Video Games August 15, 2017

Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon: How To Get Dusk Form Lycanroc

Nintendo has now revealed how to obtain the Dusk Form Lycanroc once 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon' launch in November. Long story short: there’s only a two-month availability window, so hurry.

Video Games August 12, 2017

Nintendo Switch Controllers Hit With Patent Dispute: Legitimate Lawsuit Or Attempt To Leech Off Hybrid Console's Success?

Accessory maker Gamevice claimed that Nintendo infringed on a patent that it holds with the Joy-Cons of the Nintendo Switch. Is this a legitimate lawsuit, or is Gamevice looking to leech off the success of the hybrid console?

Video Games August 12, 2017

Play Metroid: Samus Returns On This New 3DS XL Samus Edition, Out Sept. 15

Nintendo has announced yet another special edition New Nintendo 3DS XL, and this time it’s for 'Metroid: Samus Returns.' Both the console and the game will launch Sept. 15.

Video Games August 9, 2017

Nintendo World Championships Return This October: How You Can Join

Heads up, Nintendo fans: the company is bringing back the Nintendo World Championships this October in New York. Here’s how you can qualify for the big event.

Video Games August 9, 2017

Dusk Form Lycanroc Revealed For 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon': Will There Be A Dawn Form Too?

The Pokémon Company revealed the Dusk Form of Lycanroc as a new Pokémon that will be available in the upcoming 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon.' It is unclear, however, how players will be able to acquire it.

Video Games August 7, 2017

RiME For Nintendo Switch Gets Nov. 14 Release Date: Should You Go Physical Or Digital?

The Nintendo Switch version of 'RiME' will launch on Nov. 14, the game’s developers have now announced. The physical version, while a tad bit more expensive, comes with extras.

Video Games August 4, 2017

SNES Classic Edition Preorders To Go Live This Month: Will You Be Able To Buy The Latest Nintendo Retro Console?

Nintendo confirmed that SNES Classic Edition preorders will launch in late August. The big question, however, is whether Nintendo will be able to keep up with the expected demand for the retro console.

Video Games August 2, 2017

Monster Hunter Stories For Nintendo 3DS To Launch On Sept. 8: Demo For The 'Monster Hunter' RPG Spin-Off Coming Soon

'Monster Hunter Stories,' a turn-based RPG spin-off of the 'Monster Hunter' franchise, will launch for the Nintendo 3DS on Sept. 8. To give players a closer look at its art and gameplay, a free demo will be released next week.

Video Games August 1, 2017

Walmart Cancels All SNES Classic Edition Preorders, Shattering The Hearts Of Excited Nintendo Fans

Walmart broke the hearts of many Nintendo fans as it officially confirmed that it is canceling all SNES Classic Edition preorders. A technical glitch caused the preorders to start earlier than they were supposed to.

Video Games July 27, 2017

Walmart Now Canceling Super NES Classic Edition Preorders: Turns Out It Went Live By Mistake

Walmart has begun canceling Super NES Classic Edition preorders, much to the frustration of customers. A service representative says it’s because of a website error that caused preorders to go live earlier than intended.

Video Games July 25, 2017

Super NES Classic Edition Preorders To Be Available Via Target

The Super NES Classic Edition sold out immediately after becoming available for preorder on Walmart, perhaps a forewarning of, once again, a broader supply problem for Nintendo. Target, however, has promised to open preorders soon.

Video Games July 24, 2017

Splatoon 2 amiibo Guide: How To Unlock Special Gears

Dust off your old Splatoon amiibo, folks! 'Splatoon 2' has now been officially released for the Nintendo Switch. Here’s how to get all special gear sets if you have the compatible amiibo.

Video Games July 24, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Will Soon End An Era For Nintendo: Two-Gadget Strategy To Dissolve Soon

Nintendo has long used a two-gadget strategy, with one home console and one handheld gaming device in the market. However, the success of the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid console, will likely make the company move away from that approach.

Video Games July 22, 2017

Nintendo Files Trademark For A Familiar Controller: Is The Nintendo 64 Classic Edition Coming, Or Does It Mean Something Else?

New trademark filings made by Nintendo seem to suggest that the company will soon launch a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. Is the evidence solid enough for such a claim, or are the graphical trademarks meant for something else?

Video Games July 21, 2017

Nintendo Switch Online App Rolls Out: Voice Chat Feature Already Drawing Fire From Gamers

Nintendo has rolled out the Nintendo Switch online app for iOS and Android devices a few days before the arrival of 'Splatoon 2.' However, players who have tried out the service's voice chat are already disappointed with the feature.

Video Games July 20, 2017

Splatoon 2 Review Roundup: What Gamers Are Saying About The Nintendo Switch Shooter

Critics have now weighed in on Nintendo’s sequel to 'Splatoon,' 'Splatoon 2.' Generally, they seem to say that while 'Splatoon 2' is a great game, it’s not without its limitations, particularly in terms of online play.

Video Games July 18, 2017

Splatoon To Get An Anime Adaptation That Will Be Available Online Via YouTube

An animated show inspired by 'Splatoon' has now been officially announced. The show will follow our beloved Inklings as they engage in Turf Wars, debuting this August.

Video Games July 18, 2017

Kingdom Hearts 3 Nintendo Switch Port Could Happen Only After PS4, Xbox One Versions Roll Out

The director of 'Kingdom Hearts 3' has now made comments about a possible Switch port alongside Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game. While he said it’s certainly possible, there’s still no reason to get one’s hopes up.

Video Games July 16, 2017

RIP, New Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Japan Ends Production Of Handheld Console

Japan is losing the New 3DS entirely. Nintendo has just confirmed that it’ll stop production of the compact, 3D-capable console variant in Japan, signaling a couple of its interesting future plans.

Video Games July 14, 2017

Nintendo Releases Arms Version 2.0 Update: Hedlok Scramble Game Mode, New Playable Character Max Brass, And More

Nintendo has finally rolled out 'Arms' 2.0.0, which includes several additions. The newest patch brings Max Brass as a playable fighter, introduces a new arena and a new game mode, and includes plenty of under-the-hood changes.

Video Games July 12, 2017

Nintendo Switch's 'Splatoon 2' Graphics Improved A Lot Compared With The Original Game On Wii U

Before ‘Splatoon 2’ arrives July 21, someone has already put the game and its predecessor, ‘Splatoon,’ side-by-side. The astonishing results basically confirm that ‘Splatoon 2’ is a step up from the original Wii U hit.

Video Games July 12, 2017

Looking Forward To The Next 'The Legend Of Zelda' Game? You Might Have To Wait For A While

Series producer Eiji Aonuma revealed that it might be a while before the next 'The Legend of Zelda' game is released. Meanwhile, the development team will focus on 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' and its DLC.

Video Games July 10, 2017

Nintendo Switch Keyboard Lets You Dock Your Joy-Cons And Have The Console QWERTY Experience

A clever accessory brand has designed a Switch keyboard accessory that features sides where you can slide both Joy-Con into. Launching Sept. 30, the device already looks miles ahead of Hori’s similar accessory for the console.

Video Games July 9, 2017

Nintendo Switch Online Mobile App To Launch Alongside 'Splatoon 2': Here's What Gamers Can Do With It

Nintendo will launch the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app for iOS and Android devices on July 21, alongside the release of ink-based shooter 'Splatoon 2' for the hybrid console. What will the app offer to gamers?

Video Games July 7, 2017

Super NES Classic Edition Preorders Via Amazon UK Are Getting Canceled

It looks like Amazon UK has shrunk down multiple Super NES Classic Edition orders to just one, hinting at a broader stock problem yet again. Nintendo's clever anti-scalping strategy or history repeating itself?

Video Games July 5, 2017

Sorry, Nintendo Switch Owners: No 'Call Of Duty: WWII' For You

Clues hinted that 'Call of Duty: WWII' will be released on the Nintendo Switch, but Sledgehammer Games denied it. There is still a chance that an unannounced 'Call of Duty' game is coming to the hybrid console though.

Video Games July 4, 2017

Nintendo Switch Gets The Sheikah Slate Treatment, And It Looks Like Something Out Of 'Zelda: Breath Of The Wild'

MakoMod has just created a special Nintendo Switch skin that makes it look like the Sheikah Slate, straight out of 'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.' It even comes with a matching dock that follows the theme extensively.

Video Games July 3, 2017

Leaked Nintendo Switch SDK Hints 2 Highly Requested Features Are Arriving Soon

Leaked developer documents and software development kit for the Nintendo Switch hinted at two major features coming to the hybrid console. If the leaks are true, the features will solve some of the weaknesses of the Nintendo Switch.

Video Games July 3, 2017

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Speedrunner Finishes Trial Of The Sword In 1 Hour

A speedrunner has managed to beat the Trial of the Sword challenge included in the Master Trials DLC for 'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.' The insanely difficult challenge pits Link against hordes of different enemies.

Video Games July 3, 2017

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Master Trials DLC Guide: Effects Of Majora's Mask, Midna's Helmet, Tingle's Outfit, And More

The first DLC for 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' The Master Trials is now available. Here are the effects of the Korok Mask, the Phantom Armor, Midna's Helmet, Tingle's Outfit, and Majora's Mask.

Video Games June 30, 2017

You Probably Won't Get A Super NES Classic Edition Despite Nintendo's Promise

Nintendo has finally made the Super NES Classic Edition official, promising 'significantly more units' to avoid supply shortages. However, it still doesn't seem like you'll get the retro console that easily.

Video Games June 30, 2017

Super NES Classic Edition Preorder Tips: Here's Where To Buy The Retro Console

Nintendo has announced the Super NES Classic Edition, and just like the NES Classic Edition, it could be hard to score one. To improve your chances, read up on where to buy the console ahead of the official release date.

Video Games June 28, 2017

Nintendo Unveils SNES Classic Edition: Price, Games, Launch Date, And Everything Else We Know About The Retro Console

Nintendo has unveiled the SNES Classic Edition, the successor to the always-sold-out NES Classic Edition. Here is everything we know about the retro console, including its price, list of games included, and release date.

Video Games June 27, 2017

The Super Nintendo Classic Will Feature A Never-Before-Released Game, Should You Preorder?

Nintendo has announced the launch of SNES Classic. Here's what you need to know about the new retro console.

Video Games June 26, 2017

More Wii U Games Could Hit Nintendo Switch, Says Company Exec

The Nintendo Switch has stirred great interest so far and things are looking up, according to a company executive. More Wii U games could make their way to the new console, sporting new features and content to make them more appealing.

Video Games June 26, 2017

Nintendo Apologizes For Nintendo Switch Shortage, Which It Says Is 'Not Intentional'

Nintendo apologized for the Nintendo Switch supply shortage and promised that more units are on their way. A Nintendo executive also said that the shortage is 'not intentional,' pushing back against accusations that the company is limiting its supply.

Video Games June 23, 2017

Nintendo Confirms 'Metroid Prime 4,' 'Pokémon' RPG, 'Kirby,' And 'Yoshi' Will Not Launch For Nintendo Switch This Year

A Nintendo executive confirmed that 'Metroid Prime 4,' the new 'Pokémon' RPG, 'Yoshi,' and 'Kirby' will not arrive on the Nintendo Switch this year. For the first two titles, gamers may even have to wait beyond 2018.

Video Games June 22, 2017

Nintendo: Mario 'Captures' Things In 'Super Mario Odyssey,' Not 'Possess' Them

Horrifically enough, Mario has been seen possessing things in 'Super Mario Odyssey,' including a Goomba, a T-Rex, and even a human being. However, Nintendo clarifies that he 'captures' them, not 'possess' them.

Video Games June 22, 2017

Still Can't Find A Nintendo Switch? GameStop Will Restock Shelves Soon

GameStop has announced that it will restock Nintendo Switch units soon, but will employ a first-come-first-serve basis for walk-ins. Customers, however, can order their Switch online, but only through expensive bundles.

Video Games June 21, 2017

Nintendo Switch Update 3.0.0: Pro Controller Wired Connection Support, 6 New 'Splatoon 2' User Icons, And More

Nintendo has now released the Switch 3.0.0 update, bringing the option to play with a wired Pro controller. It also brings six new user icons, two new display modes, and more.

Video Games June 20, 2017

After Two Decades, Atari Is Making A Comeback With A New Game Console

Before their fall, Atari was synonymous with video games. Now, more than two decades later, the company is making a comeback.

Video Games June 18, 2017

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