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Nintendo Switch System Update Also Sneaks In Wireless USB Headphone Support

The Nintendo Switch system update version 4.0.0 quietly added wireless USB headphones support to the hybrid console, in addition to the save data transfer and video capture features. Unfortunately, Bluetooth headsets are still not supported.

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Nintendo Switch Owners Report USB-C, Charging Problems After Using Nyko's Portable Docking Kit

Owners of Nyko's Portable Docking Kit for Nintendo Switch are reporting that the console no longer charges properly after using the dock, and it could be because the accessory is damaging the system's USB-C port.

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Game Freak Confirms ‘Pokémon Ultra Sun’ And ‘Ultra Moon’ Are The Last Pokémon RPGs On The 3DS

Game Freak has confirmed that after 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon,' there will be no more RPG 'Pokémon' titles in development for the 3DS, signaling the end of an era. The company might be pivoting to the Nintendo Switch.

Video Games October 20, 2017

Nintendo Switch Continues Dominance Over PlayStation 4 And Xbox One As US Sales Reach 2 Million Units

The Nintendo Switch extended its dominance over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One into September, as it was revealed that 2 million units of the hybrid console have been sold in the United States. What's next for the Nintendo Switch?

Video Games October 20, 2017

Resident Evil Revelations 1 And 2 For Nintendo Switch To Have Exclusive Minigames: Take A Look

Capcom has revealed that the Nintendo Switch ports of 'Resident Evil: Revelations' 1 and 2 will come with exclusive minigames, which should please Switch fans. The games arrive on Nov. 28.

Video Games October 19, 2017

Nintendo Switch Update Finally Enables Save Data Transfer And Video Capture: Here's How To Use The New Features

The Nintendo Switch system update version 4.0.0 enables save data transfer and video capture for the hybrid console. Here are the steps on how to use the long-awaited features, as well as their limitations.

Video Games October 19, 2017

Sony Makes New Label Unties To Publish Nintendo Switch, PC Games

Sony has officially announced a new label called Unties to publish games with a focus on indie games on the Nintendo Switch and the PC.

Video Games October 18, 2017

The Analogue Super Nt Will Bump Off The SNES Classic Edition As The Ultimate Nintendo Retro Console

The Analogue Super Nt costs over double the SNES Classic Edition, but it can give Nintendo's SNES homage a run for its money. The retro console can play SNES cartridges at 1080p HDMI output, with no lag and complete accuracy.

Video Games October 17, 2017

More Nintendo Switch Mature Games On The Horizon? Nintendo Wants It To Happen

Nintendo wants more mature games on the Nintendo Switch, in addition to titles such as 'Doom' and 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.' Will this allow the hybrid console to keep up with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Video Games October 15, 2017

Super NES Classic Edition Hack Adds Dozens Of Games: Here's How To Install It

The Super NES Classic Edition hack called Hakchi2 drastically expands the console's limited game library of 21 titles. Here's how to set things up, but be warned, it comes with risks.

Video Games October 9, 2017

SNES Classic Edition Hacked: You Can Now Add More Games To The Retro Console, At Your Own Risk

The SNES Classic Edition has been hacked, just over a week after its launch. Owners of the retro console can now add more titles to its games line-up, including 'Chrono Trigger,' 'ActRaiser,' and 'Earthworm Jim'.

Video Games October 8, 2017

New 'Super Mario Odyssey' Trailer Drives Up The Hype: Mario To Travel Across US To Promote Game

A new 'Super Mario Odyssey' trailer has made Nintendo Switch owners even more excited for the upcoming title. To further promote the game, Mario and Cappy will travel across the United States in a customized trailer.

Video Games October 7, 2017

Stardew Valley Launches For The Nintendo Switch Oct. 5, Multiplayer Confirmed For 2018

Farming fans all over the world, take note: 'Stardew Valley' is arriving on the Nintendo Switch Oct. 5. The critically acclaimed game is one of the Switch’s most anticipated titles.

Video Games October 3, 2017

SNES Classic Edition Sold Out In Minutes, But More Stock Is Arriving Soon, GameStop Says

The SNES Classic Edition sold out quickly, according to GameStop, but customers should expect more stocks to arrive shortly. Nintendo seems to be doing well in terms of supply, but can fans expect that moving forward?

Video Games October 2, 2017

SNES Classic Launch: So Far, So Good, But Nintendo Has To Do A Lot Better

Nintendo has finally released the SNES Classic Edition, a mini console preloaded with 21 SNES games from the ‘90s era. But has it learned how to properly manage its supply chain?

Video Games September 30, 2017

Nintendo Wii Shop Channel To Shut Down In 2019: We All Know Why, Right?

The Nintendo Wii Shop Channel will be closed in January 2019, over 12 years since the service was launched alongside the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo will be moving on from the Nintendo Wii to focus on the Nintendo Switch.

Video Games September 30, 2017

SNES Classic Edition Teardown Reveals The Same Guts As The NES Classic Edition

The SNES Classic Edition has the same motherboard as the NES Classic Edition. The discovery carries some important implications, including the likelihood of an SNES Classic Edition hack in the near future.

Video Games September 27, 2017

This Little Gamer Girl, So Used To Touchscreens, Can't Figure Out How The Game Boy Works

An adorable little gamer just can't figure out how to use the Nintendo Game Boy Color. In the video uploaded by her father, she kept in tapping on the device's display, thinking that it's a touchscreen.

Video Games September 25, 2017

First ‘Fire Emblem Warriors’ DLC Drops Later This Year, Bundled In 3-Part Season Pass: What’s Included

Koei Tecmo has officially confirmed that 'Fire Emblem Warriors' DLC will be parsed into three, to be released later this year through winter 2018. Players may buy a Season Pass to get them all.

Video Games September 25, 2017

Gamers Will Be Able To Play The SNES Classic Edition With A Wireless Controller, Thanks To Nyko

Video game accessory maker Nyko has unveiled the Super Miniboss wireless controller, designed for the highly anticipated SNES Classic Edition. The device is now up for preorder with a price tag of $19.99 each.

Video Games September 23, 2017

Nintendo Will Try To Get You To Play 'Super Mario Run' Again With New Update

Nintendo will try to get you to play 'Super Mario Run' again with a new character, new mode, and new world. The in-app purchase to unlock the full game will also receive a 50 percent discount.

Video Games September 23, 2017

'Doom' On Switch Still Runs Great, Early Impressions Suggest

Early impressions for 'Doom' on Nintendo Switch have now surfaced, with several publications offering interesting perspectives about the port. So how exactly does the game perform on Nintendo’s hybrid console?

Video Games September 22, 2017

The Hidden NES Game In The Nintendo Switch Is A Tribute To Satoru Iwata: Here's How To Unlock It

The mystery of the hidden NES game 'Golf' in the Nintendo Switch has finally been solved. The 1984 classic title is apparently a tribute to the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, and here's how to unlock it.

Video Games September 21, 2017

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Moon' Guide: How To Get Ash's Pikachu And Pikashunium Z

Attention, 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Moon' players: Ash's Pikachu is now up for grabs via Mystery Gift. To make things even better, they come with the Z-Crystal Pikashunium Z.

Video Games September 19, 2017

There's A Hidden NES Game In The Nintendo Switch: Can You Unlock It?

An emulated copy of the NES game 'Golf' has been found to be hidden in all Nintendo Switch units. Is it possible for average gamers to unlock and play the classic 1984 title?

Video Games September 17, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Outsold The PlayStation 4 And Xbox One In August: That's 4 Out Of The Past 6 Months

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One in four out of the past six months. The hybrid console may have found even more success if not for the ongoing Nintendo Switch supply shortage.

Video Games September 16, 2017

Nintendo Unleashes Shirtless Mario For 'Super Mario Odyssey': Here Are The Funniest Reactions Online

Nintendo has unleashed shirtless Mario to the world in promotional images for 'Super Mario Odyssey' for the Nintendo Switch. Here are some of the funniest reactions online to Mario's nipples.

Video Games September 15, 2017

Nintendo Surprises Fans With ‘Minecraft’ For 3DS: It’s Available Now But Will Only Work On ‘New’ 3DS Models

Nintendo just announced a version of 'Minecraft' for New 3DS systems during its Nintendo Direct presentation. Available now via eShop, the game includes survival and creative modes, in addition to traditional and touchscreen controls.

Video Games September 14, 2017

Open-World RPG 'Xenoblade Chronicles 2' For Nintendo Switch To Launch This Year With A Special Edition

The latest Nintendo Direct revealed that open-world RPG 'Xenoblade Chronicles 2' will be released for the Nintendo Switch this year. The game, which combines technology with magic, will also come in a limited special edition.

Video Games September 14, 2017

New Nintendo 2DS XL Poké Ball Edition Unveiled, And It Just Inspires You To Catch 'Em All

Nintendo is making the upcoming 'Pokémon Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon' and 'Pokémon Gold' and 'Silver' a little more special with the Poké Ball edition of the New 2DS XL. There's a Pikachu edition in store too.

Video Games September 14, 2017

Nintendo Switch RPG 'Project Octopath Traveler' By Square Enix Looks Amazing: Download The Demo Now

'Project Octopath Traveler,' a Nintendo Switch-exclusive RPG by Square Enix, was featured in the latest Nintendo Direct. A demo for the game is now available on the Nintendo eShop, and will request for feedback in preparation for its 2018 release.

Video Games September 13, 2017

Nintendo Switch Versions On The Way For 'Doom' And 'Wolfenstein II': Thanks, Bethesda!

Brutally violent shooters 'Doom' and 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' are coming to the Nintendo Switch. Together with 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,' Bethesda is now working to release three titles for the hybrid console.

Video Games September 13, 2017

The NES Classic Edition Returns Next Year: Is Nintendo Doing The Right Thing?

Nintendo announced that the NES Classic Edition will return to store shelves in the summer of 2018. This is great for gamers who were not able to purchase the retro console, but is it all good news?

Video Games September 12, 2017

You Won’t Have Trouble Finding An SNES Classic Edition: Nintendo Boss Confirms Production ‘Dramatically Increased’

Nintendo of America’s President, Reggie Fils-Aimé, has now addressed what everyone would like to know: Will there be a SNES Classic Edition shortage? Fils-Aimé confirmed that the company has dramatically increased production but said nothing more.

Video Games September 12, 2017

Nintendo Switch Supply Shortage For Holidays Confirmed? Nintendo Boss Blames Production Delays On Multiple Components

Additional statements made by Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime at the sidelines of Variety's Entertainment and Technology Summit in Los Angeles all but confirm a Nintendo Switch supply shortage for the holidays. Gamers, prepare your plan B.

Video Games September 11, 2017

Attention, Nintendo Switch Fans: An Achievement System Is Under Development, Says Indie Developer

Nintendo is apparently working on some kind of achievement system for the Switch, according to developers on a Reddit AMA session. Truly, the Switch is proof that Nintendo has become more open to ideas after the Wii U failed.

Video Games September 11, 2017

Super Mario 64 Online Lets Up To 24 Users Play Together - Until Nintendo Takes It Down, At Least

'Super Mario 64 Online' is just the thing for gamers who wants to pick up the old-school Nintendo 64 title again. What's more, they can even play with up to 24 people with the ROM hack.

Video Games September 10, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Supply For The Holidays Will Likely Not Be Enough

The Nintendo Switch supply will not be enough for the holidays, contrary to what Nintendo previously said. Gamers who were planning to buy the hybrid console for the season will have to think of a Plan B, just in case.

Video Games September 9, 2017

L.A. Noire Is $10 More Expensive On The Switch Than On Other Platforms Because Of ‘Switch Tax’

Rockstar Games has announced that 'L.A. Noire' will be re-released for a number of platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. However, that version will cost a tad more because of the Switch tax.

Video Games September 9, 2017

Pokémon CEO Told Nintendo The Switch Wouldn’t Be Successful: ‘I Was Wrong’

There’s no doubt about it, the Switch is proving to be a success for Nintendo. However, CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara actually once thought it wouldn’t sell, not in a smartphone-dominated world.

Video Games September 6, 2017

Nintendo News Roundup: Mario Isn’t A Plumber Anymore, New ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Kingdoms Revealed Via Amiibo

There’s been two interesting reveals related to Nintendo recently. It turns out Mario is no longer a plumber, and three new kingdoms in 'Super Mario Odyssey' may have been revealed via amiibo packaging.

Video Games September 5, 2017

Texas Jury Orders Nintendo To Pay iLife $10 Million For Patent Infringement: Nintendo Disagrees, Calls Patent ‘Invalid’

Nintendo has been handed $10 million in damages that it must pay to iLife for reportedly infringing its patent. The verdict says the motion-sensing technology on the Nintendo Wii is an application of iLife’s technology.

Video Games September 1, 2017

Nintendo Switch Game Library Expands With A Ton Of Neat Nindies, AKA Indie Games

Nintendo Switch is really turning out to be the platform for indie games, or as the company likes to call them, 'Nindies.' That said, there's a plethora of titles coming to the hybrid console soon.

Video Games August 31, 2017

There Will Be Enough Nintendo Switch Units For Sale In The Holiday Season, Nintendo Says

Nintendo is ramping up production to make sure that there are enough Nintendo Switch units for sale in the upcoming holiday season. However, the company is facing renewed allegations of intentionally limiting the Nintendo Switch supply to drive up demand.

Video Games August 29, 2017

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review Roundup: More Than An Odd Crossover

When the internet had learned Nintendo and Ubisoft were developing a Mario and Rabbids crossover, the reaction wasn’t pretty. Both developers, however, are more than happy to prove critics and gamers wrong.

Video Games August 29, 2017

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