'Final Fantasy XV' Tips And Tricks: Extra XP, Infinite Stamina, Abilities To Prioritize And More


The long-awaited Final Fantasy XV has just been released, and gamers who have been waiting for 10 years for the game's launch are likely now already immersed in the world that the title offers.

A splash screen before the game's main menu loads claims that the game is a "Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers," which is a very apt description. Learning the basics is easy enough, but as with any Final Fantasy title, there is a depth to the game that will ensnare even the most hardcore of gamers.

For gamers diving into the Final Fantasy XV universe, here are a few tips and tricks that you might find useful.

Extra XP For Faster Levelling Up

In Final Fantasy XV, players earn experience points by finishing quests and slating monsters, but the XP are not applied to the party until you decide to have them sleep.

Sleeping in camps in the open world will allow players to taste the cooking of Ignis, which could lead to stat boosts for the next day. However, sleeping in hotels will give a boost to the accumulated XP as they are applied. Keep a close eye on the Lestallum hotel, which provides a 1.5x boost to XP for only 500 gil per night, as that is a great deal compared with the Galdin Quay hotel, for example, which provides a 2.0x boost but for a whopping 10,000 gil a night.

Infinite Stamina For Sprinting

Running in the open world requires players to hold the sprint button while moving, but once Noctis' stamina is drained, he will begin to move very slowly as his stamina recharges.

Players should first choose to display the stamina bar in the game's options menu, which should given them an idea of how much stamina Noctis has left. There is a way to extend the stamina bar by jumping while sprinting, as that will recharge it, but there is an even better option.

There is actually a hidden way to unlock infinite stamina, and that is by letting go of the sprint button just as the stamina bar is about to become depleted, and then holding down the button again a split second afterwards. The stamina bar will instantly be filled up, allowing Noctis to keep running.

Abilities To Prioritize

In Final Fantasy XV, players build up the stats and abilities of their characters through spending Ability Points in Ascension, which is reminiscent of the Sphere Grid of Final Fantasy X.

Players should look to acquire the Regroup ability of Ignis as soon as they can, as that ability can heal the entire party and will prove to be a lifesaver in various situations.

After getting Regroup, it is a good idea to then aim for the nodes that grants AP-gaining abilities for doing things such as driving and riding chocobos. Players will be able to acquire much more AP in the long run for things that they will be doing anyway.

Another very useful ability is Analyze, also for Ignis, as it will provide players with information such as their enemies' weaknesses, which would make supposedly hard fights a bit easier.

Make Money By Selling Items

Gil does not come easy in Final Fantasy XV, as unlike most of the Final Fantasy games and other RPGs, battles do not always award gil after they end.

Players, however, will find a lot of items in their travels that will be stored in the Treasures category of their inventory. These items should not be collected and should be sold off to keep the money flowing in.

Sometimes these items are used to upgrade weapons, but it is better to just buy stronger weapons instead. It is never a good idea to sell healing items though.

Don't Rush Through The Game

To make the most out of Final Fantasy XV, players will need to keep exploring, as well as take time to indulge in the many side quests and story scenes. Fans of the franchise waited 10 years for this game, so it would not make sense to skip most of what it offers.

Any Other Final Fantasy XV Tips And Tricks?

There are many more tips and tricks that gamers can take advantage of for Final Fantasy XV. Do you have any more to share? Let us know in the comments.

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