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Final Fantasy XIV Trial Drops 14-Day Limit: Gamers Can Play For Free Until Level 35

Square Enix has dropped the 14-day time limit for the free trial of 'Final Fantasy XIV' as the release of the 'Stormblood' expansion draws near. Players can now try out the MMORPG until their character reaches level 35.

Video Games March 29, 2017

New 'Final Fantasy XV' Update Adds Alternate Chapter 13, Takes Jab At Trump Administration

New updates for 'Final Fantasy XV' introduced Chapter 13, Verse 2, an alternative path for the heavily criticized section of the RPG. The new chapter also introduced political undertones to the game with a jab at the Trump administration.

Video Games March 28, 2017

Square Enix Unveils ‘Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’ At PAX East 2017, Collector’s Edition Revealed

Square Enix has unveiled the remaster of its 2006 classic 'Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age' at PAX East 2017. The game will release exclusively for PS4 on July 11.

Video Games March 13, 2017

Square Enix Reveals 'Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus’ Trailer, Episode To Focus On Character Gladio

Square Enix has revealed the official PAX Trailer for its upcoming 'Final Fantasy XV' story DLC 'Episode Gladiolus.' The DLC will be available for download on March 28.

Video Games March 13, 2017

'Final Fantasy XV' Rolls Out Latest Update, Includes Game ‘A King’s Tale’

Square Enix releases its latest update for ‘Final Fantasy XV.’ The update contains the Booster Pack, PS4 Pro Update and a mini-game called ‘A King’s Tale.’

Video Games February 23, 2017

It Looks Like 'Final Fantasy XIV' Could Find Its Way To The Nintendo Switch

Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that the development team of 'Final Fantasy XIV' will be very interested to bring the MMORPG to the upcoming Nintendo Switch. However, there are certain limitations that first need to be overcome.

Video Games February 20, 2017

Second New Job In 'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' Revealed To Be The Samurai

The Samurai has been revealed as the second new class in the upcoming 'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' expansion. The Samurai is a melee DPS character, and was shown in action with the Red Mage in a new trailer.

Video Games February 20, 2017

2 New Screenshots For 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Revealed, With First Glimpse Of Combat Menu

Game director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed two screenshots from the highly anticipated 'Final Fantasy VII Remake.' The images give a glimpse of the combat system that will be implemented for the title.

Video Games February 19, 2017

No Nintendo Switch Release For ‘Final Fantasy XV,’ Director Hajime Tabata Says

Director Hajime Tabata confirmed that there are no plans to release ‘Final Fantasy XV’ on Nintendo Switch. 'Final Fantasy' was released for PS4 and Xbox One.

Video Games February 12, 2017

Arcade Game 'Dissidia Final Fantasy' Will Launch On Consoles With A Story Mode And eSports Ambitions

The arcade game 'Dissidia Final Fantasy,' currently only available in Japan, will soon come to consoles with a story mode. The game's director also has ambitions to bring the game into competitive eSports.

Video Games February 6, 2017

6 Free-To-Play PC Games Of 2017: Mobius Final Fantasy, Dota 2, League Of Legends And More [Slideshow]

You don't need to pay a hefty amount of money to enjoy some quality video games. We've rounded up a few of the best free-to-play PC games of 2017.

Video Games February 5, 2017

'Final Fantasy' 30th Anniversary: News, Games... and Wine

'Final Fantasy' creator Square Enix kicked off its 30th anniversary with a livestreamed event. It announced several updates for 'Final Fantasy' 7, 12, 14, and 15 titles, and Final Fantasy-themed wines.

Video Games February 5, 2017

Here Are All The Things Coming Soon To 'Final Fantasy XV': Revamped Chapter 13, Episode Gladio, And More

There are many things coming to 'Final Fantasy XV,' including a revamped Chapter 13 and the Episode Gladiolus DLC. Players can also expect the addition of PlayStation 4 Pro support, a level cap increase, and many more.

Video Games February 3, 2017

Ariana Grande Arrives On 'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius': Here's How To Unlock 'Dangerous Ariana'

The character based on pop star Ariana Grande that was previously reported for 'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' is now available. Here is how to unlock 'Dangerous Ariana' as a permanent member of your party.

Video Games January 20, 2017

'Final Fantasy VII' Remake Rumored To Have 2017 Release Date For PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

For excited gamers, updates on the 'Final Fantasy VII' remake have been too few and far in between. However, a new rumor claims that the title will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this year.

Video Games January 10, 2017

'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' Will Add A Character Based On Ariana Grande: Yes, Really

'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' will soon add a new character based on Ariana Grande. The singer announced the partnership with Square Enix through her social media accounts and has uploaded a video that previews the character.

Video Games January 1, 2017

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Moon,' 'Final Fantasy XV' Tagged As Amazon's Best-Selling Games For The Holidays

The top-selling video games for Amazon's best holiday season ever are 'Pokémon Sun,' 'Pokémon Moon,' and 'Final Fantasy XV.' Notably missing is 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,' as 'Call of Duty' games have usually sold well for the holidays.

Video Games December 31, 2016

Final Fantasy XV's Prompto Gives A Special Holiday Message To Young Fan For The Perfect Christmas Gift

Robbie Daymond, the voice actor for Prompto from 'Final Fantasy XV,' recorded a personalized holiday message for a young fan named Euphrates. The girl giggled and laughed upon hearing the message but was later found to be hiding happy tears.

Video Games December 27, 2016

'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' New Details Unveiled: Release Date, New Red Mage Job, 'Return To Ivalice' Raid, And More

Square Enix has unveiled new details regarding the upcoming 'Stormblood' expansion for 'Final Fantasy XIV.' Among the revealed information is the arrival of the Red Mage class, two new raids, and the expected release date.

Video Games December 26, 2016

'Final Fantasy' Games, Other Square Enix Titles For iOS And Android On Sale Until Jan. 5: Enjoy Up To 50 Percent Off

Square Enix has launched a holiday sale for the iOS and Android versions of some of its classic games. Included in the offers are several 'Final Fantasy' games, 'Chrono Trigger' and 'Secret of Mana.'

Video Games December 23, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' To Add New Game Plus Next Week In Free Update; Holiday Pack DLC Also On The Way With New Items

Square Enix will release a free update for 'Final Fantasy XV' on Dec. 22 that will add a New Game Plus mode. The update will launch alongside the Holiday Pack DLC, which contains new items for players to enjoy.

Video Games December 17, 2016

First 'Final Fantasy XV' DLC Will Feature An Epic Fight Between Gladiolus And Gilgamesh

The first DLC for 'Final Fantasy XV,' Episode Gladiolus, will feature an epic fight between party strongman Gladiolus and classic Final Fantasy character Gilgamesh. The DLC will also open up new areas in the game.

Video Games December 15, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Claims Best Start Ever For Any Game In The Franchise: How Many Copies Were Sold On Day One?

'Final Fantasy XV' is the fastest-selling title in the acclaimed 'Final Fantasy' series, showing that the franchise still has a huge following despite the long wait. How many copies of 'Final Fantasy XV' were sold on the first day?

Video Games December 2, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Tips And Tricks: Extra XP, Infinite Stamina, Abilities To Prioritize And More

The long-awaited 'Final Fantasy XV' has finally been released. For both fans and first-timers, here are a few tips and tricks that you might find useful, including how to earn extra experience points and unlock infinite stamina for sprinting.

Video Games November 30, 2016

The Best Games Fans Want To Play On Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition Console

The release of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic has given fans another chance to relive the experience of playing games that were popular in the '90s. Should Nintendo release an SNES Classic Edition, what games would fans want to see?

Video Games November 24, 2016

'Final Fantasy' Brand Manager Talks About 'Final Fantasy VII' Remake, 'Final Fantasy X-3', 'Final Fantasy XVI' And More: What Are The Plans Of Square Enix?

Shinji Hashimoto, the brand manager for 'Final Fantasy', talked about the upcoming games of the franchise and its direction moving forward. Among the titles he discussed are the remake of 'Final Fantasy VII' and 'Final Fantasy X-3'.

Video Games November 12, 2016

'Final Fantasy XV' Mobile MMO In The Works: Square Enix Teams Up With 'Game Of War' Developer MZ

Square Enix has teamed up with MZ for the development of a mobile MMO based on 'Final Fantasy XV.' Details about the project are scarce, but it will use the same technology found in 'Game of War' and 'Mobile Strike.'

Video Games November 8, 2016

Square Enix Unveils 'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' Expansion With New Teaser Trailer [Video]

Square Enix announced that 'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' is in tow. Naoki Yoshida’s hints about new areas, new raids and revamped systems of the expansion should make fans of the series very excited.

Video Games October 17, 2016

'Lost Soul Aside': How 'Final Fantasy XV' Inspired One Fan To Make His Own Game

Most fans will watch a trailer and be inspired to draw something, or paint a picture — and then, there are the fans who will go out and make an entire game on their own.

Video Games August 1, 2016

New 'Mobius Final Fantasy' Trailer Launches One Week Before Android And iOS Release, Showcases Console-Like Graphics

A new 'Mobius Final Fantasy' trailer for the upcoming mobile game was recently released to the public. The trailer, despite its shortness, showcases some of the fighting mechanics that players will get to experience once the game launches next week.

Apps/Software July 26, 2016

'Mobius Final Fantasy' Hitting Android, iOS On Aug. 3: Pre-Register Now For Awesome Prizes

'Mobius Final Fantasy' for Android and iOS is slated to roll out next month on Aug. 3. To get an early advantage at launch, players can pre-register for it now.

Video Games July 16, 2016

‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ Now Available On iOS And Android Devices

Looking for a new heroic adventure? U.S. fans can now enjoy playing 'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' as the game is finally available on iOS and Android devices.

Video Games June 30, 2016

'World Of Final Fantasy' Coming To PS4, PS Vita In October: Check Out The E3 2016 Trailer [Video]

'World of Final Fantasy' for the PS4 and PS Vita gets an official October release date, and in anticipation of the huge day, Square Enix published a new trailer that gives a closer look at what's in store.

Video Games June 7, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius To Land On US Android And iOS Devices

Square Enix has confirmed that 'Final Fantasy Brave Exvius' is poised to be rolled out on Android and iOS devices in the United States this summer. Here is what we know thus far.

Video Games May 18, 2016

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo: How To Find The Cross Shuriken

Square Enix recently released a 'Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo' and gamers quickly unveiled its secrets. One hidden treasure is the Cross Shuriken sword, and we show you how to get it in a written and video guide.

Video Games April 2, 2016

'Final Fantasy VIII' Remix Album 'SUCCESSOR' Now Available

Materia Collective released ‘SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed’ last Feb. 11, in time for the 17th anniversary of 'Final Fantasy VIII' North American release. The remix album combined the efforts of more than 150 performers, composers and arrangers!

Geek February 15, 2016

Tons Of Square Enix Games On Sale For Store's One-Year Anniversary

It's been one year since Square Enix launched its North American online store, and there's only one way to celebrate: massive discounts on a ton of different games!

Geek February 12, 2016

'Final Fantasy Tactics Advance' For Wii U Virtual Console Now Available

'Final Fantasy Tactics Advance' has been released for the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe and North America. The game, first released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003, is the second title in the 'Final Fantasy Tactics' series.

Video Games January 29, 2016

Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider And More Discounted In Square Enix PSN Sale

Seeing as Square Enix is one of the most prolific developers to ever work on PlayStation hardware, the PSN's latest sale is a great chance for fans to catch up on the studio's previous works.

Geek January 27, 2016

Square Enix Plans To Build ‘Final Fantasy VII’ On Unreal Engine 4

Breaking ‘Final Fantasy’ tradition, Square Enix has partnered with Epic Game to supply the gaming engine for the ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake.’ The game, teased heavily over the past week, features a new battle system and will be even released in multiple parts.

Video Games December 9, 2015

'Final Fantasy VII' Trophy Leak For PS4 Points Towards Imminent Release Of PC Port

The PC port of 'Final Fantasy VII' may arrive for PlayStation 4 soon.

Geek November 30, 2015

'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII' PC Release Date, System Specs Finally Revealed

It's been a long time coming, but 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII' is finally making its way to PC via Steam ... but not until next month.

Geek November 19, 2015

Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife Coming To Take Over Super Smash Bros.

Square Enix and Nintendo have finally partnered up to bring a bit of 'Final Fantasy VII' to a Nintendo platform. Announced during Nintendo direct, Cloud Strife is set to join the line-up of playable characters in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. franchise as DLC.

Video Games November 13, 2015

HD Remakes To Be A Bigger Part Of Square Enix's Future

Square Enix, the developer behind franchises like 'Final Fantasy,' has announced in a yearly report that it will be continuing its focus on creating remakes of classic games for newer consoles. Thankfully, the company also said that it would be working on creating new franchises.

Geek October 22, 2015

Watch The 'World of Final Fantasy' English-Subtitled Trailer

Square Enix just released an English-subtitled version of the trailer for upcoming game 'World of Final Fantasy,' which outlines the story of two siblings who go on a trip through the lands of 'Final Fantasy.'

Geek September 16, 2015

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