Google Daydream View Games: 5 Best VR Titles For Immersive Experiences

1 December 2016, 1:53 am EST By Vincent Lanaria Tech Times
Google Daydream View offers immersive experiences by way of VR games. To help you decide which ones to take out for a spin, here's a short list of the best titles on the platform.  ( Google )

Google Daydream View has a lot of cinematic offerings from Netflix to HBO Now, and while watching movies and TV shows in VR is pretty A-OK, arguably the better way for an immersive experience is playing games.

On that note, here's a short list of what you can try on the platform to make the most out of your headset.

Danger Goat ($5.99)

Want to put your feet in the shoes — or rather, hooves — of a goat looking for adventure? If so, then Danger Goat is what you need to get your fix.

In the game, you are tasked with safely getting the protagonist to the finish line, overcoming obstacle after obstacle.

As goofy as they are, just what is it about these goat games that make them so dang interesting?

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes ($9.99)

Live out your dreams of defusing a bomb and saving everybody from harm in Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes, with your friends acting as your faithful companions.

Essentially, it's a puzzle game where one player will be strapped with the Daydream View headset, while the others are the Experts who will give out instructions on how to deactivate the explosive device.

The Arcslinger ($4.99)

More than just a chance to let you take on the role a slick gunslinger, The Arcslinger ups the level a notch by giving you the power of the elements and whatnot in a Western shooter environment.

With your trusty pistol Angelheart, your duty is to save the world against the evil Gold Smoke and his gang of hooligans.

Fantastic Beasts (Free)

(Photo : Warner Bros | Google Play Store)

Potterheads will be glad to see that Fantastic Beasts is brought to life in VR form for Daydream View.

Take care of beasts, concoct potions and use the touch controller as your wand — it's a great way to immerse yourself in the wizarding world where Harry, Hermione and Ron are a part of.

Wonderglade (Free)

(Photo : Resolution Games | Google Play Store)

As something for the kids, Wonderglade brings them to a magical theme park where they can play numerous carnival-themed games.

Of course, there's no shame for adults to take it out for a spin and like it.

Bonus: Brickheadz (Free)

(Photo : LEGO | Google Play Store)

LEGO is heading to the VR scene via Brickheadz, and as anyone can imagine, the point of the game is to build various objects with those familiar bricks.

Touted as a "new creative LEGO play experience," you can design your own creations, bring them to life and play with them in an entirely different way.

The thing is, it's still Unreleased at the Play Store, and that means it's currently in beta stage. Just to be clear, you can already try it out, but it might be unstable.

Now, there are more games expected to come to Google's VR platform, but what do you think of Daydream's current lineup? Drop by our comments section below and let us know.

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