AMD Ryzen Processor Review Leaked: Comparable To Intel Core i7-6900K


Wondering if the AMD Ryzen processor will be as powerful as the company says? Well, the first review has been leaked and it would seem as if the product is definitely a beast. If true, and if AMD manages to make it a lot cheaper than a comparable Intel processor, then 2017 is going to be great for gamers and enthusiasts.

Bear in mind that the review was published in paper form by a well known French guru. Furthermore, the clock speed of the Ryzen processor tested in the review is slightly slower than what the CEO of AMD, Lisa Su, said at the New Horizon event not too long ago.

The current known clock speed of Ryzen is 3.4 GHz, while the review clock speed is 3.15 GHz, with a turbo speed clocking out at 3.3 GHz, so as we can see, it's not too far away.

AMD Ryzen Similar To Intel Core i7-6900k

According to Canard PC Hardware's review, the upcoming AMD Ryzen is very much comparable to the Intel Core i7-6900K, a processor that costs over $1,000. Now, if we go by history, AMD will likely price its new chip a lot less than what Intel is asking, so 2017 should be interesting for consumers because we could be witnessing the rise of a price war.

As for the AMD FX-8370, this new Ryzen processor is said to be 60 percent faster according to benchmarks. The FX-8370 is the last gen 8-core processor from AMD, so a 60 percent improvement is no doubt welcoming.

When it comes down to heat, Ryzen pulls 93 watts from the wall, which is better than the 118 wattage pulled by the FX-8370. This is great news because AMD for years has been known for having processors that can melt Pluto. Interestingly enough, this new processor outperforms a comparable Intel processor as well.

Intel Core i7-6900K Is Still King

Despite the new AMD chip being comparable, the Intel chip still manages to come out on top. The benchmarks used by Canard PC Hardware shows that it's 13.6 percent faster than Ryzen when fully optimized. Still, that's not too bad seeing as AMD is still optimizing the processor to make it better than the review unit.

We should point out that even if AMD manages to increase Ryzen's speed to 3.4 GHz, the Intel Core i7-6900K will still be faster, but only at 5.6 percent. Let's face it, a 5.6 percent speed boost over a rival processor is not that much of a difference.

If AMD can price Ryzen well below $1,000, then it would be safe to say the company is back in the game, and in a huge way.

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