Woman Battling Cancer Gives Birth To Quadruplets


A woman battling cancer gave birth to four babies on Dec. 30. After being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in January 2016, the women underwent chemotherapy. One month before giving birth, she found out that her cancer had returned.

Kayla Gaytan, who is from Tennessee, gave birth at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, on her 30th week of pregnancy.

Cancer Patient Gives Birth To Quadruplets

The four babies are named Lillian, Victoria, Michael and Charles, and their birth is spectacular because of the mother's health status. After five months of chemotherapy, the woman's cancer has successfully been treated. After finishing her treatment, the woman found out she was pregnant.

"It was exciting. It was nerve-wracking. But to see them when they all came out and to hear them crying, that was really exciting," she declared.

The news of her pregnancy made her happy. A wife to a soldier and already a mother of two children, Kayla looked forward to giving birth to the four children, especially after the very intense months spent in chemotherapy treatment.

But no more than a month before giving birth, Kayla found out that her health status was not as stable as she thought.

"You think you've beat it the first time. When it comes back, you're just wondering, why get pregnant with these four babies and then, you know, something like this happens," Kayla noted.

The woman wished not to give birth before the end of her 34th week of pregnancy. She thought that if beating cancer was possible, so was carrying her babies for this amount of time. However, neither of these two wishes came true.

A Cause Worth Supporting

People showed support toward the family's situation on social media, and the news story about the woman's pregnancy got more than 2,300 likes and more than 700 shares from the WKRN-TV post alone. The story became viral immediately, and people wrote different messages in support to this cause.

"A Soldier's family in need of support. Will be in contact with Cape Cod Cares for the Troops to see how we can help," noted Mary Ellen McCarthy upon sharing the Facebook post.

While the doctors only give Kayla a 50-50 chance at surviving the following five years, her story has impressed people all over the United States, who showed their support in hundreds of comments.

"Praying for this family! Battled cancer, been a military wife, and had a child while once stationed at FT Campbell, but certainly not all at once. I can only imagine their joy and concerns all experienced at the same time. May the 101st treat them kindly and may all our prayers be answered for a healthy future for this family. Kayla, you are so right. God has an amazing plan for you, your husband, and your children. Trust and enjoy those babies," noted Lisa Edwards Large in the comment section of the WKRN-TV post.

However, among the support messages, there were some with a more practical approach, thinking of the financial situation of the woman's family, given the children and the costs of Kayla's treatment.

"If anyone deserves government assistance, it's this family. She should sign herself and all her children up now. This financial income can really make a difference during this difficult time. Many are not aware that they qualify or that it's even offered. Contact ss asap. Prayers that all works out," commented Teresa McKnight Henson.

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