Georgia Couple Delivers Naturally Conceived Quadruplets


Kortney Miller gave birth to naturally conceived quadruplets at Piedmont Newnan Hospital on Dec. 16.

Justin and Kortney Miller, Proud Parents Of Quadruplets

Justin and Kortney Miller, the proud parents of five children, are excited about their lovely gifts ahead of Christmas. The three baby boys and a baby girl that created history at birth are born of cesarean section delivery.

Kortney, who was excited about her four healthy children, said that she is looking forward to seeing and enjoying them as they grow in the journey of life. The mother of four got pregnant without the help of any drugs or medical assistance. The happy couple noted that while multiple births are usual in their family, this is the first time they ever had quadruplets.

Quad Squad Of Piedmont Newnan

An expert team named Quad Squad, which includes obstetricians, physicians, neonatologists, nurse practitioners and nurses, respiratory specialists, a radiology and engineering team, a blood bank, and the pharmacy were gathered when Kortney's pregnancy was announced at 16 weeks, a week into Kortney's second trimester. 

The Quad Squad was given weekly updates on the mother-to-be's progress to prepare for the upcoming delivery. In addition to meeting every week for discussion on delivery preparations, the team also took two practice sessions for the historic procedure.

Kortney, who was not restrained in bed for rest, was not expected get into labor until 27 weeks. The team had planned for delivery between 27 and 34 weeks. As believed by the team, the mother-to-be reached 29 weeks when she visited her obstetrician on Friday, Dec. 16, after sensing a change.

Kortney was admitted to Piedmont Newnan, and the members of Quad Squad were notified of the Coweta mother's labor.

Dr. Heather Turner, an obstetrician at Piedmont Newnan who delivered the couple's first son, Brentlee, in 2013, delivered the set of quadruplets as well.

Birth Of Quadruplets

Baby Brandon, the largest one of four, was delivered first at 1:41 p.m. followed by Baby Braydon and Baby Bryant at 1:42 p.m. and 1:43 p.m., respectively. A couple of minutes later arrived the baby girl, Kenlee. All the children weighed close to 3 pounds.

"I am so proud to have been a part of the team effort involved," said Turner, as reported The Newnan Times-Herald. "The Level 3 NICU and medical expertise at Piedmont Newnan allowed us to welcome our four new Coweta County residents in their hometown."

The babies are retained in the NICU and will reportedly be held there until they reach a series of developmental milestone.

Meanwhile, the mother of five noted that the hospital crew was amazing and also thanked her family for their support.

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