Microsoft Offering Surface Pro 4 Without Surface Pen

24 January 2017, 8:48 am EST By Amy Gordon Tech Times
Microsoft has reintroduced a lower priced version of Surface Pro 4. According to this offer, the Surface Pen has been ousted from the package which automatically lets the price-conscious buyer save $100.  ( Microsoft )

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 boasts attractive features which makes it a great device. The Surface Pen stylus accompanies the tablet and assists users in taking notes easily.

The Surface Pro 4 tablet is usually accompanied by the Surface Pen, however, this inflates the device's price. It seems Microsoft has paid attention to the consumers' quandary and has listed the base version of the device sans the Surface Pen, which effectively reduces the tablet's price by $100.

Neowin was the first to spot this new Microsoft offer which is now creating quite a stir online as Surface Pro 4 fans scramble to snag the deal.

Strategically, this lowering of the tablet's price could propel the sales of the Surface Pro 4 which will be highly beneficial for the company, especially as it gears up to debut the successor Surface Pro 5 in this quarter.

A New Offer

The company has realized that not everybody requires a Surface Pen and Neowin divulged the news on Twitter stating that Microsoft has a special offer for consumers.


The budget conscious buyers shall willingly fall for the bait and now is a good time to snag the Surface Pro 4.

Specs And Price

The base model of the Surface Pro 4 is powered by an Intel Core m3 processor and 4 GB of RAM. With the battery serving up to 9 hours at a stretch, this tablet strikes the perfect balance between size and power for ones always on the move.

The company's new offer for the Surface Pro 4 without the Surface Pen will set consumers back by $799. This offer is valid for the 128 GB variant of the tablet which runs on the Core m3 processor. The deal can be snagged online from the Microsoft Store.

By willingly giving up the Surface Pen, the buyer gets to save $100. It also forms a significant part of the purchaser's savings as the pen only costs $60. For the ones planning to purchase the same model of the Surface Pro along with the Pen be prepared to shell out $899.

Surface Pro 5 

Microsoft is now trying to catch up with other retailers like Best Buy who also happen to be offering the no Surface Pen version of the Surface Pro 4 at lucrative prices.

Rumors swirling online indicate the prospect of Microsoft preparing for another tablet release - the alleged Surface Pro 5, in the next few months. With the Surface Pro 5 expected to possess the seventh-gen Intel Core Kaby Lake processor and Type-C USB connections, buyers could be in a dilemma whether to wait for the next iteration or but the older mode.

So are you planning to get your hands on the lower priced Surface Pro 4 or will you be waiting for the upcoming Surface Pro 5? 

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