Get Ready For ‘Project EvE,’ The First Robotic AR Video Game

Soon, you can fight a digital alien invasion using a real robot.

That's how robotics company ATAT Tech envisions its ambitious augmented reality video game under the code name Project EvE. Together with electronics company Arrow Electronics and crowdfunding site Indiegogo, ATAT Tech aims to pave the way for AR video games through its Unity Engine-powered game Project EvE.

The game will feature a real robot that works with the video game. Aside from this announcement, no other details such as a launch date or a video trailer have been released.

Augmented Reality And A Robot

According to its official press release, Project EvE will merge the real world with the digital realm via augmented reality using a real robot, which will come with the game. This robot will integrate with the video game, but you will still need a smartphone, tablet, or PC in order to play.

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes computer-generated imagery into the real-world view via camera. The robot for Project Eve will have a front-mounted camera called "EvE Vision" that will allow you to see into this alternate dimension. Through the robot, you can see the hordes of alien attackers that you must fight.

According to CEO and co-founder Amie Dansby, you can upgrade your equipment and powers in the game, like in regular games. But unlike these games, you can buy new and more powerful upgrades that you can attach to your robot. These upgrades will then transfer into the game.

"Don't like the standard cannon? Get yourself a pair of twin lasers," Dansby said.

The EvE unit is equipped with an advanced AI to help you learn the game's basics in eliminating the aliens that are invading your home.

"There will be increasingly difficult missions that require the pilot to be strategic about their upgrades, both in-game and in real life," said Tim Kennedy, software developer and the company's co-founder and chief technology officer.

Story-wise, the game envisions the "discovery of alternate dimensions" full of alien invaders determined to invade our world. The catch? These creatures are completely digital, thus no conventional weapons can stop them. Is it the end for the world?

Fortunately, no. An ultimate weapon has been created, the "Extradimensional Vehicular Explorer" or EvE, to help players square off with these digital, interdimensional nemesis.

Future Plans For 'Project EvE'

Project EvE is spearheaded by ATAT Tech, a company that delves into robotics, video game development, and augmented reality. This Dallas-based company is launching a crowdfunding campaign with its partners Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics to help develop the game. The teams will go to PAX East 2017 to reveal and demonstrate Project EvE. The conference is happening on March 10-12 in Boston, Massachusetts. Fans can come to see Project EvE at Booth No. 24110.

According to Dansby, they are aiming to get the word out and get player feedback regarding the demo.

"When we launch our Indiegogo campaign later this year we want the people who played this at PAX to be the first ones in line to back our campaign." Tim Kennedy added.

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