The Moto Z smartphones have a cool new Moto Mod in tow, designed to print images on the go: meet the Smart Z Printer Moto Mod.

In this day and age, taking photos is as easy as tapping a button on a smartphone and most people already have piles of digital photos of their vacations, friends, family, pets, food and what-not. Taking photos is no longer a luxury nor an expensive convenience, but most people no longer print their photos. We have tons of digital images saved, yet printing them is no longer a priority.

Smart Z Printer Moto Mod For Moto Z Family

A new Moto Mod concept called Smart Z Printer aims to make it more convenient to print photos on the go, straight from a Moto Z series smartphone. The Smart Z Printer Moto Mod concept is designed to work with all handsets in the Moto Z family, allowing users to print images anywhere, anytime, as long as the Moto Mod is attached.

As with all Moto Mods, the Smart Z Printer works its magic when attached to the smartphone, replacing the rear casing. The Smart Z Printer Moto Mod is currently in the concept stage, seeking funds through Indiegogo to bring the product to market.

"This mod is like a small digital printer that sits on the back of your smart phone," explains the description on Indiegogo. Once you shot a nice photo, then, just select a simple option to get it printed out on paper size equal to phone dimensions.

Smart Z Printer Moto Mod Indiegogo Campaign

The listing doesn't offer any other details as to what technology it entails or how exactly the Moto Mod would work and what other supplies would be necessary. For the time being, the project is seeking backers and early-bird pledgers should receive their Smart Z Printer Moto Mod in October (estimated).

Considering the optimistic timeline, it seems that the Smart Z Printer Moto Mod is in the final stages and with the proper financial backing, the creators are confident they can deliver the device in just a few months.

The Smart Z Printer Moto Mod will cost $99.99 once it hits the market (if the campaign is successful, that is), but early-bird backers can get it for $59.99. That's 40 percent off the retail price, but it remains to be seen whether the device attracts enough backers to turn it from a concept into a real product.

At the same time, the Smart Z Printer is not the only Moto Mod concept seeking support on Indiegogo. Another concept called Linc Moto Mod aims to turn the Moto Z into a Walkie Talkie, connecting users to others nearby without requiring an internet connection.

With modular extensions apparently gaining ground, more intriguing Moto Mod concepts will likely surface in the future, aiming to enhance the functionality of the smartphone.

The Smart Z Printer Moto Mod just started its Indiegogo campaign and interested backers have two months to pledge their contribution. The project seeks to raise $10,000 in funding, but it remains to be seen whether it will make it. At the time of writing, no backers seem to have supported the project.

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