'Power Rangers' Spoiler-Free Review: A Triumphant Return For The Teens From Angel Grove


I remember watching the original Power Rangers series back when I was a kid, and it was the most awesome show in the world. I loved it whenever Jason said "it's morphin' time," when the Zords combined into the Megazord, and when the Power Rangers worked together to beat their enemies. And, of course, all the boys in class had a crush on Kimberly.

When the new Power Rangers movie was announced, I was skeptical. I was not sure if the movie would be able to capture the magic that I still associate with the original series, and honestly, when the revamped suits of the Power Rangers and the new Megazord were shown, that doubt started to deepen. My beloved Power Rangers all looked like Iron Man rip-offs, and the majestic Megazord looked sort of weird.

All that said, I was willing to give the new Power Rangers a chance, and said to myself that I would be happy to even catch a glimpse of the magic of the original series.

Surprisingly, I was blown away.

'Power Rangers' Nostalgia

Viewers who grew up as fans of the original series, and even went through some of the more "interesting" variations of Power Rangers, will see plenty of references to the Power Rangers of the past.

The trailers of the movie revealed that, more or less, the new Power Rangers will follow the same story of the original series. Five teenagers, guided by Zordon and his trusty robot sidekick Alpha 5, were chosen to become the Power Rangers, with the mission of protecting the planet against villains such as Rita Repulsa.

It was amazing to once again see the Power Rangers fighting together, as well as the Zords charging into the fray. The fight scenes carried the same tone as those from the past series, with the Power Rangers weaving in and out of their individual fights and teaming up with their teammates to take down enemies. Compared to other superhero movies, where the highlight is always on the individual capabilities of the heroes, it is refreshing to see the Power Rangers working as a cohesive unit in battle.

Meet The New 'Power Rangers'

However, the new Power Rangers movie does not bank on nostalgia alone. The film takes the best parts of the original series, but it tweaks certain parts of the lore to make things more cohesive, such as the explanation on the past of the Power Rangers and the feud between Zordon and Rita Repulsa.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the movie, however, are not the Power Rangers and their Zords, but rather Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly. The movie takes a lot of time in building up and revealing the characters inside the armors, showing their vulnerabilities and how they grow as a team. It is unorthodox for a superhero film to focus more on the human aspect of the heroes, but it pays off greatly in Power Rangers, partly due to the highly diverse cast and their wildly different back stories. They are no longer simply "the five teenagers from Angel Grove."

Bright Future For 'Power Rangers' Franchise

The new Power Rangers movie is certainly not a replica of the original series, and it makes its own mark because of that fact. In addition, the movie sets up a sequel that will likely be as awesome as this first one, as hinted in the film's mid-credits scene.

Kids now have a new superhero team to root for that teaches the values of diversity and teamwork, while kids at heart will celebrate a triumphant return for the franchise, humming the "Go, Go Power Rangers" tune as they head out of the cinema.

For those who have already watched the Power Rangers movie, let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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