One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Power Rangers reboot is also one that fans most desperately want to know an answer to. In short: what do the Zords look like?

In the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, each Ranger piloted a robotic dinosaur which could then transform to form the Mega Zord, a large, two-legged man-mech that wielded a giant sword. Fans have long assumed that the reboot which do something similar, and posters teasing the various Zords seemed to hint at that fact.

Well, fans were sort of right. New toys for the Power Rangers film have revealed what appear to be the look of all the various Zords and the Mega Zord ahead of their film debut, and while they sort of look vaguely dinosaur-esque, these Zords appear to be far more alien than fans were initially led to believe.

For example, take a look at the triceratops Zord. Sure, it looks kind of like a triceratops. It has three horns and a familiar looking head shape. But it also has six legs instead of four. Hmmmmm.

The sabre tooth tiger Zord is another good example. It looks vaguely like a cat like animal, but its proportions are all wrong. Much the same can be said about the T-rex Zord. Of all the designs, the pterodactyl Zord perhaps looks the most normal, in part because it mostly looks like a jet.

This all leads us to the mastodon Zord. A mastodon, for those unfamiliar, is a prehistoric elephant kind of like a Woolly Mammoth. A hairy elephant, if you will. Elephants, as even a kindergarten student can tell you, have four legs, a trunk and two tusks. What the below image is supposed to look like then, is completely beyond me.

For starters, this "mastodon" has eight legs. It also has a spider web on its back. While it does appear to feature two tusks and and larger, longer trunk shaped object, you would have no way of knowing this was based on a prehistoric elephant if you hadn't seen the original show. It looks to be more bug than beast. You can check out all the designs, and the Mega Zord design, in the video below.

Which begs the question: what the heck is going on with the Power Rangers reboot? It has long been revealed that the origin story of the Power Rangers is changing in the reboot, and the rangers themselves sport new, more alien-esque designs. While the suits are definitely different, they clearly have the look of Power Rangers. The same can't be said for these weird, prehistoric animal/alien hybrids that appear to be the film's Zords.

Power Rangers is in theaters March 24, 2017.

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