New Nintendo Switch Accessories Coming Soon: Battery Grips, Neon Yellow Joy-Cons, And Standalone Dock


Nintendo has announced new accessories that are coming to the Nintendo Switch, namely battery grips, neon yellow Joy-Cons, and a standalone dock.

The announcement should come as welcome news for the fortunate gamers who have been able to purchase a Nintendo Switch amid the hybrid console's supply crunch.

New Nintendo Switch Accessories Revealed

Nintendo announced the new accessories through one of its Nintendo Direct live streams, revealing add-ons that will add style, functionality, or both to the hybrid console.

The first announced accessory are the battery grips for the Nintendo Switch controllers. The battery grips will be sold in pairs, and will be able to add even more juice to the Joy-Cons through AA batteries that power them.

It is unclear why Nintendo would release such an accessory given the already lengthy 20-hour battery life of the wireless controllers, and the fact that they draw power from the controller grip or the console itself when they are attached to the Nintendo Switch display. The battery grips could prove to be useful when on long trips or outdoor adventures though, and offer the side benefit of providing a larger surface for players to hold the small Joy-Cons.

Nintendo also revealed neon yellow Joy-Cons with a similarly colored strap accessory, which will be sold separately. The color is now the fifth color option for the Joy-Cons, after the all-black, all-red, all-blue, and red/blue choices.

Players who will purchase the neon yellow Joy-Cons will likely be sure that the wireless controllers will not come with the connectivity issues that earlier plagued certain units of the devices. Nintendo fixed the problem with sent back units of the left Joy-Con by inserting conductive foam on the wireless controller's antenna to block possible interference. The fix has likely been made to all future units of the Joy-Cons, including these neon yellow ones.

Nintendo will release the battery grips and the neon yellow Joy-Cons on June 16, the same date for the launch of Nintendo Switch fighting game Arms. The Joy-Cons will be sold for $79.99 for a pair and $49.99 each, while the strap will be sold for $7.99. No price has been revealed for the battery grips, though they have been revealed to have a price tag of ¥3,280 in Japan, equivalent to about $30.

The last accessory announced for the Nintendo Switch is the dock of the hybrid console, which will start to be sold in limited quantities as a standalone accessory starting May 19 with a price tag of $89.99. The dock is the only way for players to connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV, and with multiple docks, gamers will be able to take the Nintendo Switch and play it in various rooms around the house.

Nintendo Switch Scams

The accessories, along with the Nintendo Switch itself, can be purchased directly from Nintendo and its retail partners.

Due to the massive demand for the hybrid console, desperate gamers are advised to be careful when buying the Nintendo Switch online, especially from third-party sellers, to avoid being scammed.

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