World's Heaviest Woman Loses Hundreds Of Pounds Through Bariatric Surgery: See Her Transformation


Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, an Egyptian woman, has been confined to her house for more than 25 years due to her weight and various health issues. Amid controversy about her weight loss and the spat between her sister and her medical team, the 37-year-old is now on her way to Abu Dhabi for further treatments.

Not An Easy Transformation

Before her surgery, Eman Ahmed was not able to walk or leave her home for more than 25 years. Born at 11 pounds, Eman Ahmed was also diagnosed with elephantiasis, a condition that is characterized by a swelling of limbs due to a parasitic infection.

Eman Ahmed reportedly gained much of the weight at age 11, causing mobility difficulties that had her crawling instead of walking. At the same year, Eman Ahmed also reportedly suffered a stroke, which rendered her bedridden for the next 20 years, cared for by her mother and sister.

In October, Eman Ahmed's family got in touch with Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala from Mumbai, who stated his belief that Eman Ahmed was wrongfully diagnosed with elephantiasis but was instead suffering from obesity-related lymphoedema, which causes the legs to swell.

Through the help of India's external affairs minister, Eman Ahmed was flown to Mumbai at 500-kilograms, or about 1,100 pounds, via a cargo plane in February to undergo treatment, where her medical team found that she also has severe hypothyroidism, kidney and liver failure, right-sided heart failure, lung disease, urinary tract infection, gout, bed sores, and right-sided paralysis.

Still, doctors went ahead with the treatments which included an all liquid diet and a bariatric surgery which led to a reported loss of more than 240 kilograms, or about 530 pounds. What's more, the underlying problems with her thyroid, kidney, liver, and lung tests were said to be under control.

What's more, though her chances of walking again were said to be poor because of her weakened bone structure, doctors claimed that she was the healthiest that she has ever been and that she was in higher spirits and enjoyed listening to music.

A group called Save Eman Cause even continued to document Eman Ahmed's progress, including having the ability to sit up in a wheelchair, talk in her own language, and engaging in physiotherapy.

Eman Ahmed's Family vs. Her Medical Team

Around the time that Eman Ahmed's main doctor, Dr. Lakdawala, was receiving a medical prize, Eman Ahmed's family were angered by the claims of her losing supposedly more weight that she had actually lost. Her sister, in particular, took to social media to vent her frustrations and allegations, stating that her sister was unable to move or talk and that there were no improvements to her condition.

Eman Ahmed's entire medical team, apart from Dr. Lakdawala, has since resigned, though he also released a lengthy statement about the matter, expressing the complicated nature of Eman Ahmed's case, that they did not over-promise anything, and that he still wishes Eman Ahmed the best.

Eman Ahmed is now on her way to Abu Dhabi for further treatments and rehabilitation.

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