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What Will Happen When Humans Make Contact With Aliens? Physicist Michio Kaku Says It Depends

Michio Kaku Ph.D. believes that it's likely that the aliens might be peaceful if they had a longer time of resolving fundamental issues. However, they might not think the human race is even worth communicating with.


Oldest Known Cave Art Found To Be Of Neanderthal Origin, Shows Symbolic Behavior

Were Neanderthals really just the brutish cousins of early modern humans? A new study shows they might have been into art and symbolic behavior as well.


Drug That Can Kill Flu Virus In A Day Approved In Japan

Xofluza has just been approved by Japanese authorities as a swift and effective antiviral drug that can kill the flu in a day. It stops the virus by preventing it from taking over human cells to begin with.


2 Marijuana Legalization Myths Debunked: It Doesn't Increase Recreational Use But Also Doesn't Reduce Opioid Deaths

Can marijuana legalization really lead to more recreational users among adolescents or can it actually help combat the opioid epidemic? Two new studies found no evidence to support both myths.

Public Health February 23, 2018

LOOK: This Soft Robot With Kirigami Skin Slithers Like A Snake

Just like a snake, a newly developed soft robot has scales, which help it to move forward. The snake-inspired robot developed by researchers from Harvard SEAS was inspired by nature and constructed with art.

Robotics February 23, 2018

Heads Up, Pet Owners: FDA Warns Of Possible Euthanasia Drug Contamination In Major Dog Food Brands

J.M. Smucker called for a voluntary recall of some of their dog food brands after testing positive for a euthanasia drug. The contamination was in very low doses, but pentobarbital is never acceptable in pet food.

Public Health February 18, 2018

Trying To Conceive? Experts Share Sex Tips To Increase The Odds

Trying to conceive and start a family can be stressful for many couples, and that really does not help their cause. Experts share some simple tips to help increase the chances of conception.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 18, 2018

Parents Are Feeding Their Kids Bleach To 'Cure' Autism, What Is MMS?

Some parents have been getting in trouble for giving their children a bleach-like 'miracle cure' for autism. What exactly is MMS and what are its potential effects?

Medicine February 18, 2018

Chemical Cleaning Product Use Linked To Lung Function Decline Among Women: Study

Women who use chemical spray cleaning products were found to have greater lung function decline comparable to smoking about 20 pack-years. Results show a need to ficus on the harmful effects of such chemicals.

Public Health February 17, 2018

Cuttlefish Unmasked: Secrets Behind The Cephalopod's 3D Camouflage Skills Revealed

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have unmasked some of the cuttlefish's camouflage secrets. Even with the researchers' new findings, there are still more to learn about the cephalopod.

Animals February 17, 2018

Humanity Is Pretty Chill About Alien Life, Likely To React Positively To Discovery Than Panic: Study

Researchers found that humans are likely to react positively toward the discovery of alien life instead of panicking and causing mass hysteria. Perhaps humans take comfort in the knowledge of not being alone in the universe.

Space February 17, 2018

Mother Of 5 Dies Of TB Meningitis After Migraine Misdiagnosis

A mother of five lost her life in 2015 after her TB meningitis was misdiagnosed with a migraine. According to her husband, she could have been saved had proper diagnosis procedures been followed.

Medicine February 11, 2018

Power Of Pets: Companion Animals A Major Source Of Support For People With Mental Health Problems

Research review finds that pets actually provide valuable support to their owners with mental health problems. The pros of pet ownership evidently outweigh the cons.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 11, 2018

Fitness Instructor 'In Good Health' Revealed To Have Died From The Flu

A fitness instructor's sudden death in early January is now known to have been caused by the influenza A (H1N1) virus. The current flu season is said to be just as bad as the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

Public Health February 11, 2018

Man's Rectum 'Fell Out' While Playing Phone Games On The Toilet: Report

After thirty minutes of playing mobile games while sitting on a toilet, a man in China felt a lump fall out of his anus. As it turns out, his rectum had fallen out of his body.

Medicine February 10, 2018

Viral Photo Reveals Gross Bacteria From Restroom Hand Dryer, But There's No Need To Panic

A student's microbiology assignment ended up becoming a viral Facebook post about the hygiene of hand dryers. The petri dish looks disturbing, but there seems to be no need to panic (or death threats).

Public Health February 10, 2018

Falcon Heavy A Hoax? Flat Earthers Imply Recent SpaceX Launch Was Faked

The Flat Earth Society does not directly say that the launch was faked, but many flat earthers are pretty peeved with the latest launch. The society warns the public to 'exercise caution' when it comes to the internet.

Space February 10, 2018

Hummingbird Strengths A Combination Of Skills And Inherent Traits: Study

Hummingbirds are undoubtedly talented creatures when it comes to flight. New research has found that hummingbirds maximize their strengths by combining their inherent traits and learned skills.

Animals February 9, 2018

Murder-Suicide Case Linked To New Mother's Postpartum Depression?

A Missouri family was found dead in their home in an apparent case of murder-suicide. Could a pregnancy-related mood disorder possibly be to blame for the tragedy?

Public Health February 9, 2018

Tiny 3D Glasses On Mantis Reveal New Form of Stereo Vision

Praying mantises evidently have a unique way of utilizing their 3D vision. Instead of looking at all the details like human eyes do, praying mantises are only concerned with one thing: their moving prey.

Animals February 9, 2018

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