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Scientists Successfully Turn Spinach Leaf Into Heart Tissue

A team of scientists successfully transform a simple spinach leaf into heart tissue. The interdisciplinary team’s success could solve bioengineering’s long-standing human tissue regeneration problem.


CityConnect Is Creating An Augmented Reality App For Cyclists And It's Like 'Pokémon GO'

CityConnect’s augmented reality app brings both fun and safety for bikers. The 'Pokémon Go'-style app could encourage more people to go and try cycling.


The State Department Just Rewrote The Climate Change Statement On Their Website, Presenting A Passive Position In The Global Fight

The U.S. Department of State just amended their statement on climate change in their website. The reworded statement presents a more passive America in the fight against climate change.


California Pushes To Keep Strict Auto Emission Standards Thanks To Clean Air Act Waiver

Because of their waiver under the Clean Air Act, California gets to uphold their current stricter auto emissions standards for cars and trucks. This marks their boldest move yet in the state’s resistance to Trump policies.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2017

Asperitas: Sea-like Meteorological Phenomenon 1 Of 11 Cloud Classifications Added To International Cloud Atlas In 30 Years

Citizen science achieves new heights as the World Meteorological Organization adds 11 new cloud formations to the 'International Cloud Atlas,' including the mesmerizing asperitas.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2017

Couple Donates $12 Million Insect Collection For University Research, A Transformative Gift For The Research Facility

Entomologist couple donates their collection of over 1 million weevils and planthoppers to Arizona State University. The generous donation that could help research efforts is said to be worth $12 million.

Animals March 26, 2017

Wheelys 247: Meet Shanghai's Unmanned, High-Tech Retail Store

Swedish company Wheely just opened their unmanned retail store in Shanghai. The start-up opened their store doors before Amazon Go brings the new retailing craze to China.

Business Tech March 25, 2017

OK Foods Recalls Breaded Chicken Products For Possible Metal Contamination

OK Foods, Inc., recalls almost a million pounds of breaded meat products due to possible metal contamination. The most recent food recall raises questions on the industry’s food safety.

Public Health March 25, 2017

Lawmakers Make A Move To Overturn Obama-Era Internet Privacy Rules: What This Means For Internet Users

Republicans in the U.S. Senate just voted to repeal the Obama-era FCC internet privacy protection ruling concerning Internet Service Providers. What can this mean for their consumers’ privacy?

Internet March 24, 2017

Instagram Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication For All Users And Can Now Blur Sensitive Photos

Instagram rolls out two-factor authentication and blurs sensitive photos. New announcements are made from the social media site for a safer and friendlier use of their platform.

Apps/Software March 24, 2017

Disney CEO Agrees To Extend Contract Until 2019, Drops Hints About Upcoming Stand-Alone Han Solo Film

Disney CEO Bob Iger extends his contract up until 2019. The man in one of entertainment’s most powerful positions drops a few hints about the 'Star Wars' films.

Movies/TV Shows March 24, 2017

Avegant Introduces Light Field Technology That Could Change The Mixed Reality Industry

Avegant’s Light Field Technology allows users to interact with virtual objects at close range, taking augmented reality one step closer to passing the visual Turing test.

Gadgets March 19, 2017

Forget Surface Book: Porsche Design's Book One Laptop Is Ultra-Stylish Windows 2-in-1

Thinking of buying the Surface Book? You may want to consider looking at Porsche Design’s ultra-stylish Book One with high-end specifications -- if you’re willing to pay, that is.

Computers March 19, 2017

O'We Smartwatch Will Help You Get The Ideal Amount Of Sunshine Every Day

The O'We smartwatch features a UV tracker that helps users get the perfect amount of sunshine every day for optimal sun exposure. The gadget is perfect for sun and outdoor lovers.

Wearable Tech March 19, 2017

Here's Why Amazon Tap Is Better Than Amazon Echo

Are you looking to buy a smart speaker? Here are some reasons why you may choose to buy the Amazon Tap instead of the Amazon Echo.

Smart Home March 19, 2017

Think Facebook's Messenger Day Is Just A Messy Snapchat Copycat? Think Again

Facebook's Snapchat copycat Messenger Day may be more than just a copy of its competitor's features. It's a business move from Facebook that does more damage than many may think.

Business Tech March 18, 2017

MacBook Pro 2017 Specs, Design, Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Waiting for the 2017 MacBook Pro? Here are some of the rumors and the things we know so far about Apple’s next offering in the Pro line up

Apple March 18, 2017

What Gen X, Millennials Need To Know About Increasing Risk For Colorectal Cancer

With the number of Gen X and millennials getting diagnosed with colorectal cancer sharply increasing, here are some things that doctors want younger people to know and do about it.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 17, 2017

German Minister Seeks Fines On Social Media Sites That Fail To Wipe Out Hate Speech

A justice minister in Germany proposes a bill that could possibly fine social networks as high as $53 million if they will not take action on illegal hate messages made through their platforms.

Internet March 17, 2017

Czech Zoo Set To Dehorn 18 Rhinos After Paris Poaching Attack

The Dvur Kralove zoo in the Czech Republic has announced plans to dehorn some rhinos to ensure their safety from poachers. But can dehorning really stop poachers?

Animals March 17, 2017

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