Watch 'The Gifted' Official Teaser Trailer: Why This New Series Is Marvelous News For X-Men Fans


The trailer for The Gifted just dropped, giving everyone a brief first look at Fox's new action-adventure based on Marvel's X-Men comics.

The series will be part of Fox's television lineup this year, having greenlighted the pilot to series. It hails from Marvel Television, created by Matt Nix, with the pilot episode directed by Bryan Singer — himself the director of several entries in the X-Men live-action franchise.

What Is 'The Gifted' About?

The series focuses on a couple whose commonplace, routine lives are shaken and disrupted upon learning that their kids possess mutant powers. The family is compelled to leave their ordinary lives behind in light of a government hostile to mutants, and by doing so, they cozy up to an underground network of mutants who, like them, must fight to survive.

Nix, who penned the pilot, will also serve as executive producer, along with a handful of others. Marvel Television, in addition to 20th Century Fox, will produce the series. According to Variety, The Gifted is one of the most hotly anticipated pilots in the broadcast development season. Presumably, The Gifted earned much buzz in part by the success of another series based on Legion, which airs on FX.

'The Gifted' Trailer

The trailer, only 22 seconds long, barely reveals anything, except that one main character expresses that while having mutant powers is a burden, it's also a gift. A full trailer will drop on Monday, May 15, while the show itself is set to air on Fox by fall. Hopefully after the extended trailer drops, we'll have a more fulfilling glimpse at the series.

The Hype Begins For 'X-Men' Fans: Why You Should Be Excited

Although it's easy to imagine for X-Men fans to worry whether Fox can handle the complexity involved in adapting the X-Men series into a TV show, the mere presence of Singer should quell some of those concerns. Singer's X-Men adaptations, whether you agree or disagree, have been successful both in the box office and sometimes with critics too. Suffice to say that Singer knows X-Men in his marrow. Hence, his involvement with The Gifted at least ensures that we're poised to get an adaptation that's faithful to the X-Men comics.

Of course, that's not say that The Gifted stands to become a definitive recreation of the comic books. Many elements can go awry, that's for sure, especially at the hands of broadcast television bigwigs. But with the increasing success of Marvel's TV series, most especially on Netflix, it's a no-brainer that Fox plans to step up to the plate.

Stan Lee Cameo

Revered comic book legend Stan Lee will reportedly make a cameo in the series, as Singer teased via Instagram last month. Lee's cameos have always been a running tradition on Marvel adaptation, but seeing the legend actually appear onscreen pleases the hearts of many. The extent of his cameo is uncertain, so watch out, X-Men fans!

Pumped yet? You can watch the reveal trailer below. While you're at it, what do you think about The Gifted? What do you expect from the series, especially with Singer involved? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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