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Seeing Ads On Netflix? Here’s How To Opt-Out

Netflix is currently showing ads for its shows and movies in-between episodes, causing a widespread uproar among its subscribers. Here’s how to turn them off completely.

Internet August 25, 2018

Microsoft Wanted To Choose ARM For Surface Go, But Intel Said Nope

The Microsoft Surface Go was supposed to come with an ARM processor, according to a new report by Paul Thurrott. However, Intel stepped in and convinced Microsoft to think twice.

Microsoft August 24, 2018

Twitch To Stream The Entire ‘Pokémon’ Animated Series, Movies — And You Can Get Badges While Watching

Before, it's Twitch Plays ‘Pokémon’ but now, it’s Twitch Watches ‘Pokémon.’ Catch 19 seasons and 16 movies of the entire 'Pokémon' anime on Twitch beginning Aug. 27.

Movies/TV Shows August 24, 2018

Twitter Cuts Off Support For Devices Running iOS 9 And Older

Twitter is ending support for iOS 9 devices and older, which means they won’t get any further updates moving forward. Twitter claimed development for newer systems are easier if it cuts off older versions from the support list.

Apps/Software August 24, 2018

Apple Is Adapting ‘Foundation’ By Isaac Asimov Into A TV Series

Apple is adapting Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ into a TV series, giving a straight-to-series order with 10 episodes. Details such as cast, directors, and release date are unclear at the moment, though.

Movies/TV Shows August 24, 2018

Pandora Users Can Now Share Music On Snapchat

Ever felt compelled to share your Pandora playlists to Snapchat friends? Now’s your chance. You can send songs, playlists, or full albums — and anyone you send it to who’s not a Pandora user will get 30 minutes of free music.

Apps/Software August 23, 2018

Here’s Our First Look At The LG V40

Alleged renders of the LG V40 ThinQ have now leaked, revealing the rumored three-camera system on the back, and the two front-facing shooters. LG will unveil the phone this November, reports say.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 23, 2018

The Big Bang Theory Is Ending After 12 Seasons

CBS, Warner Bros. Television, and Chuck Lorre Productions have confirmed ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is ending after a 12-season run. But it might not be because of low ratings.

Movies/TV Shows August 23, 2018

Apple Removes Onavo App By Facebook From App Store Over Data Collection: Not Again

By now no one should be surprised that Facebook, fresh off various data scandals, is still collecting user data. Apple isn’t having it, however: the company just asked Facebook to pull its VPN app Onavo from its storefront.

Apple August 23, 2018

Microsoft Allegedly Launching Xbox All Access Subscription Service That Includes A Console, Xbox Live, And Game Pass

Microsoft might unveil a new subscription service called Xbox All Access later this month. It’ll include an Xbox One console, Xbox Live, and Xbox Game Pass.

Video Games August 23, 2018

Google’s New ‘Tell Me Something Good’ Feature Makes This Dreary World Seem A Bit Better

Google has Assistant feature that’ll tell you good news happening around the world. It won’t shield you from the horrors, it just wants to show you that people can still change the world even in small ways.

Google August 22, 2018

Kelly Marie Tran Finally Addresses ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Racism, Harassment

Kelly Marie Tran was unfairly ostracized so severely for playing Rose Tico in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' that she eventually deleted her social media pages. Now, she speaks out against toxic fanboy culture and reveals personal shame.

Movies/TV Shows August 22, 2018

Samsung Unveils CJG5 Curved Gaming Monitors With 144 Hz Refresh Rate, And They’re Cheap

Samsung’s latest curved gaming monitors deliver all the essentials and cut out all the necessary extras, offering gamers an above-average display option that won’t break their bank. A release date remains unannounced, though.

Gadgets August 22, 2018

Microsoft Is Officially Killing The Windows 8 Store

Microsoft is preparing for the death of its Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 storefronts. The company has now revealed important deadlines for developers, the earliest of which comes this October when both stores stop accepting new apps.

Microsoft August 21, 2018

Apple Pay Support Comes To All Costco Outlets In The US

All Costco locations in the United States now support Apple Pay. The retail chain plans to add the payment method in gas stations as well, but that’s yet to be finalized.

Apple August 21, 2018

Skype Finally Adds End-To-End Encryption For Calls, Messages

End-to-end encryption finally arrives on Skype, as promised this past January. Users can now be more confident that their chats are secure, although there’s a catch.

Apps/Software August 21, 2018

Updated MacBook Air Will Have Slim Bezels, Retina Display: Report

Apple will finally release an upgraded MacBook Air. Bloomberg says it’ll have slimmer bezels and a Retina Display, and that Apple is also going to release an updated Mac Mini.

Apple August 21, 2018

You Can Now ‘Undo’ Sent Emails On Gmail For Android: Here’s How

Google is finally bringing its undo feature to Gmail for Android. For years it’s been a staple of the Gmail for desktop experience, but now mobile users will finally be able to take advantage of it as well.

Apps/Software August 21, 2018

Forza Horizon 2 Leaving Xbox Marketplace On September: Download It For Free While You Still Can

Say goodbye to ‘Forza Horizon 2’ this October. Turn 10 confirms the game is leaving the Xbox marketplace for good, but there’s still plenty of time to download it along with all available DLC.

Video Games August 20, 2018

Netflix Gets Rid Of All User Reviews, As Promised

Netflix has finally removed all user reviews from its platform. Yes, there was once a time where your opinion mattered to Netflix, but clearly not anymore.

Internet August 20, 2018

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