Despite Rumored High Price Tag Of iPhone 8, Apple Users Are Anxious To Upgrade


According to current estimates, the iPhone 8 is expected to be one of the most expensive smartphones ever produced. Most industry insiders expect Apple's newest smartphone to cost more than a $1,000, but that doesn't appear to be a problem for most of Apple's fans.

Eager To Move On

A recent survey conducted by J.P. Morgan found that the vast majority of iPhone users are planning on upgrading their devices within the next year. In total, 92 percent of Apple users said that they were likely to upgrade to the new iPhone 8 within the next year.

Those who follow trends within the smartphone industry won't find those numbers too surprising. In 2014, it was reported that of 2,275 iPhone users, 59 percent admitted to having a "blind loyalty" to Apple. Users with this characteristic were defined as those who were not even willing to research other phones when it was time to upgrade.

When asked for the reasons behind their loyalty, 78 percent of iPhone owners said that they "couldn't imagine having a different type of phone now" while 52 percent said that they were "very impressed" with their iPhone.

Samsung And LG Lag Behind

Apple has worked hard to build a loyal customer base and, as the study shows, its efforts have clearly paid off. Other smartphone users reported that they were much less likely to upgrade within the next year.

Only 77 percent of Samsung users are planning on buying the newest version of the company's smartphone within the next year. Other manufacturers fared even worse than Samsung. Only 59 percent of LG owners said they are planning on upgrading to LG's newest device within the year and a mere 56 percent said the same for Motorola.

More Than Just A Brand

For good or ill, Apple's marketing team has spent decades convincing customers that Apple is more than a mere tech company. To the most die-hard of Apple fans, Apple is a way of life that, at least in their minds, signifies innovation and open-mindedness.

A 2017 survey by MBLM found that Apple was considered the "most intimate" brand in the world, with 59 percent of the 6,000 surveyed stating that they felt that they "could not live without" Apple products in their life.

To be fair, part of this sentiment does stem from the fact that, despite their clear limitations, Apple's products are well-made and stylish. However, it would be naive to ignore the brilliance of Apple's marketing department, which gave the world the famous "I'm a Mac" and "I'm a PC" ads.

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