Will Apple Surprise Us All And Announce The iPhone 8 At WWDC? This Analyst Thinks So


We are currently in the thick of the iPhone rumor season, with various reports claiming different specifications for the premium iPhone 8. However, most reports agree that the iPhone 8 will be announced alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in September.

An analyst seems to think otherwise, claiming that Apple will surprise us all by announcing the iPhone 8 a few months earlier than expected.

Apple To Announce iPhone 8 At WWDC 2017?

After Apple reported its earnings for the second quarter of its fiscal year, JPMorgan released its latest analyst report for the outlook of the company. In the middle of all the financial predictions made by the financial services firm is the outlandish claim that Apple will unveil the iPhone 8 next month at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Rod Hall was the first JPMorgan analyst to suggest that Apple will be announcing the next iPhone models at WWDC 2017, which runs from June 5 to June 9. The iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8, however, will not go on sale until the fall season.

Apple has announced new iPhone models at the WWDC before, but the last time that the company did such a thing was back in 2010 for the unveiling of the iPhone 4. For all succeeding models, Apple followed the schedule of announcing the new iPhone in September and then launching them in the fall, except for the iPhone 4s which was launched in early October.

The fall launch date of new iPhone models makes sense for Apple, as it boosts the company's product line heading into the lucrative holiday shopping season.

Should You Believe This Rumor?

JPMorgan did not give any justifications on why it claims that iPhone 8 will be announced at the WWDC, as it simply said that investors should expect weak iPhone sales performance over the summer as customers wait for the new models in the fall. The statement was not based on leaked information or a tip from an insider, which makes it very sketchy.

Rumors regarding the next iPhone models, and the premium iPhone 8 in particular, are starting to fly off the shelves. There is the possibility, no matter how small, that Apple will break tradition and unveil its next iPhone models at the WWDC, but JPMorgan did not really give much of an effort on defending what essentially qualifies as a hunch.

An example of a rumor regarding the iPhone 8 that carry more weight is the leaked iPhone 8 manufacturing mold that shows a vertically aligned dual camera at the back of the smartphone. There is also the leaked schematic which reveals that the iPhone 8 will feature Qi-based wireless charging capabilities.

The circulation of rumors regarding the iPhone 8 online is understandable. There is a massive amount of hype for the device, as it will be released with a considerable number of upgrades to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. However, unsubstantiated speculation, such as JPMorgan's claim that we will see the iPhone 8 next month, is frustrating for both news websites and readers alike.

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