Google Debuts Newest Feature Of Its Search Engine: Google For Jobs


Google has made the most of its platform with I/O, using the event to show off new products, updates, and features to its products. Now, Google is looking to make job hunting easier for everyone with its newest initiative, Google for Jobs.

Google For Jobs

The announcement came during the first day of the Google I/O developer conference on Wednesday, May 17. Google for Jobs is going to be released over the next few weeks to the United States first. Using the same systems in place for normal web searches, the new feature will be able to filter and identify jobs that might best fit the criteria a person is looking for.

This would range from entry-level work to high-end positions, with the engine prioritizing the jobs that fit and are within the shortest distance. It would also be able to identify jobs that might get missed or ignored by other jobs sites and engines, like Monster and CareerBuilder.

In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains the reason behind the new feature, stating that "it can help millions of people today by democratizing access to information and surfacing new opportunities."

Much of job hunting has shifted online, with most people reliant on search sites and profile builders like LinkedIn. The beauty of this initiative is that the design will help companies looking to fill positions as well, including those for jobs "that have traditionally been much harder to search for and classify, like service and retail jobs." 

One-Stop Search

As mentioned, the idea behind Google for Jobs is to simplify people's job searching experience. What's great about it is that Google is building it on top of an existing system.

Back in November, Google released the Cloud Jobs API, which, in turn, has been used by some of the largest companies in the United States to power their career sites, and was a big first step in getting the ball rolling. Mix that with the pre-existing AI systems used in filtering out searches, and Google for Jobs is born.

That said, the system will not be completely independent to start. To help get it off the ground, it was revealed that Google for Jobs will be partnering with other job search sites, like the aforementioned CareerBuilder, to get things going.

From there, users will be able to filter through whatever requirements or desires they have for whatever job they are looking for. Google for Jobs does take it a step further by also factoring in other elements like locations and commutes, which could be very crucial information for a lot of job seekers.

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