E3 2017: 'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Ends Ubisoft Press Conference On A High Note


Fourteen years ago, Ubisoft released Beyond Good and Evil, a game that took players to the edge of the galaxy to unravel a mystery only a young journalist could. It was a critical hit and fans have endured a long wait for any sort of follow-up.

Back in 2008, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced, even receiving a teaser trailer showing Jade and Pey'j parked on the side of a long desert road. Nothing had been seen or heard of the game, until Ubisoft's press conference at E3 2017.

Beyond Good And Evil 2

After a 14-year wait, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was reannounced at Ubisoft's press conference and making it clear, it was going in a new direction. The trailer follows one of the new characters, a monkey hybrid named Knox, who's in the middle of an exchange with pig hybrid gangster, Zhou Yuzhu. Turns out to be a fake-out by Knox, who give Zhou a chocolate statue instead of the promised gold idol. Knox makes a run for it, eventually running into his partner that's waiting with their hoverbike.

It isn't exactly a clean getaway, though, with some Zhou-owned cops hot on their tail. The pair managed to highjack a police flyer and destroy a police carrier that tried to block them off. Knox and his partner proceed back to their home ship successful, handing off the data disk they acquired from Zhou to their ship's captain, Dakini. It's then revealed that the disk contains a map to a place called Moksha, a place where true freedom begins. The trailer ends with their ship going making a hyperjump before the title flashes.

Emotional Press Conference

After the trailer ended, Creative Director Michel Ancel and Narrative Director Gabrielle Shrager walked on stage and were clearly emotional from the response. Ancel proceeded to thank the fans for sticking with them all these years as he and the team at Ubisoft Montpellier figured out the game's future. Shrager then revealed that the game would, in fact, be a prequel to the original about the crew from the trailer and their fight for freedom in this corporate driven future.

Needless to say, the reaction from the audience was electric. Most of the room stood up when Ancel and Shrager walked out, clapping and cheering for a game that's been 14 years in the making. But as exciting as this was, it's going to be some time before the game arrives in its final form. Regardless, this is the way to close out a press conference.

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