Ubisoft Changes Logo To Mark New Era: Here's What The Updated Swirl Stands For


Ubisoft unveiled a new logo a couple of weeks before it takes the stage at E3 2017, marking "a new era" for the multinational video game publisher.

This is the first time that Ubisoft changed its logo since 2003, which is when the French video game company started using its now-iconic swirl.

New Ubisoft Logo: What Does It Mean?

Ubisoft has replaced the royal blue, 3D swirl that it has been using for over a decade with a flat and colorless swirl, which is now the fourth logo in the company's history.

In a blog post announcing the change, Ubisoft detailed the history of the logos that the company has used ever since it was formed.

In 1986, back when Ubisoft was just a local video game distributor, it used a logo that represented the iconic visual style of the 80s, In 1995, after the launch of Rayman, the company started using the rainbow, as it marked Ubisoft's transition from distributor to a creator of family-oriented video games.

Ubisoft then again changed its logo in 2003 after it acquired Red Storm and started releasing Tom Clancy games, signifying a more mature and diverse approach to its content.

"Today, we create worlds — worlds that live as video games, comics, movies, TV shows, books, and amusement park rides," said Ubisoft in the blog post, describing its new logo as "minimalist, modern and monochromatic."

The biggest change with the logo is the removal of the color blue, replacing it with thick black and white lines to form the company's swirl.

Ubisoft added that the new swirl, made to look like a hand-drawn shape, represents the company's human qualities of enthusiasm and curiosity as well as the grain de folie, or touch of madness, that Ubisoft is known for.

Ubisoft At E3 2017

Ubisoft mentioned that it is making the logo change as it heads into the most exciting time of the year for the company and gamers, and that is this year's E3.

Gamers expect Ubisoft to have many things lined up for E3 2017, the first of which is Far Cry 5. Some details of the chaotic open-world shooter have already been revealed, including its plot of players going up against the personal militia of a religious cult leader and the abilities to create customized characters and recruit allies. The game, set for release in February 2018, has already generated controversy, with a petition for its cancellation due to its anti-American tone emerging.

Ubisoft is also widely expected to unveil the next Assassin's Creed title, which has been leaked to be Assassin's Creed: Origins. A screenshot of the game was uploaded earlier this month, confirming the title's ancient Egyptian setting, while a leaked T-shirt gave a closer look at its mysterious main character and the game's logo that is merged with the Eye of Horus.

Other titles expected to make an appearance for Ubisoft at E3 2017 include The Crew 2 and South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

All these titles, of course, will bear Ubisoft's new logo as they are previewed at the annual video game event.

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