The Doomfist Hype Train Picks Up Speed: New 'Overwatch' Lore Update Reveals The Hero's Name

A new lore update released by Blizzard for Overwatch gave what could be the biggest clue so far that Doomfist is finally coming to the massively popular multiplayer shooter.

Doomfist is a major character in the Overwatch story, and players have been looking forward to his arrival in the game's roster.

Doomfist On His Way To 'Overwatch'

An update on the official Overwatch blog comes in the form of a news article from the Times of Numbani, an in-game publication.

According to the story, an investigation revealed more details on an incident three months ago at a classified maximum security prison owned by Helix Security International.

The report referred to a recent event in Numbani, which was covered by in-game media outlet Atlas News a few months ago. In the incident, robots known as OR15 defense units were destroyed in a confrontation with an unknown assailant.

The Times of Numbani article reported that the attack on Helix was carried out by the terrorist organization Talon with one goal, and that is to free Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist.

The report narrated that an unidentified aircraft approached the facility and passed through its defense systems without incident, most probably because the prison's technology was hacked by Sombra. Video surveillance then picked up a black shadow figure overcoming the prison guards and leaving over a dozen dead. Medical records later revealed that the killings were done by Reaper.

There were possibly other security breaches in the attack, but Helix declined to reveal if there were other prisoners who escaped or other items taken.

Ogundimu was said to have reclaimed the Doomfist gauntlet, which was the payload that needed to be escorted in the Numbani map, and then destroyed the robots in the Numbani Airport.

What Do We Know About Doomfist?

Doomfist is not simply a name but a title, given to the wielder of the powerful Doomfist gauntlet. According to Overwatch lore, it has been carried by three different people: the first was Adhabu Ngumi, known as The Savior; the second was Akinjide Adeyemi, known as The Scourge; and third, known as The Successor and now revealed to be Akande Ogundimu.

With the current Doomfist apparently working with Talon and causing destruction at the Numbani Airport, it appears that Ogundimu is aligned with evil, unlike Ngumi and similar to Adeyemi. However, it remains unclear whether the new Doomfist is a hero or a villain until Blizzard officially reveals the character.

In May, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan was asked regarding the status of Doomfist, to which he replied "Gotta ask Terry about that one!" His answer sent Overwatch players into uproar, as he referred to Hollywood actor Terry Crews, who expressed interest in voicing the character.

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