Some 'Pokémon GO' Events In Europe Pushed Back After 'Pokémon GO' Fest Disaster In Chicago: Good Move Or Another Mistake?

29 July 2017, 8:59 pm EDT By Aaron Mamiit Tech Times
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In the wake of the failed "Pokémon GO" Fest in Chicago, Niantic Labs has pushed back some "Pokémon GO" events in Europe. Is this a good move for the developer, or is it another lawsuit waiting to happen?  ( Pokémon GO | Twitter )

Niantic Labs has decided to push back some planned Pokémon GO events in Europe after the disastrous Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago last weekend.

While the developer is understandably looking to prevent another failed Pokémon GO event, the decision to delay some events could turn out to be another lawsuit waiting to happen.

What Happened At The 'Pokémon GO' Fest In Chicago?

Thousands of Pokémon GO players flocked to Grant Park in Chicago last July 22 to participate in the first real-world event for the mobile game. However, technical issues turned the Pokémon GO Fest into a disaster.

While the blame is being passed between Niantic Labs and some carriers for the Pokémon GO Fest disaster, the developer apologized by refunding the $20 tickets, giving away $100 worth of PokéCoins, and adding the Legendary Pokémon Lugia to the accounts of attendees. However, a group has filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic Labs, claiming that the apology is not enough as they wasted travel expenses to fly in to Chicago to attend the failed Pokémon GO event.

Niantic Labs To Delay 'Pokémon GO' Events In Europe

In a blog post, Niantic Labs revealed that it will postpone the Pokémon GO events in Europe that are scheduled for Aug. 5 in Copenhagen and Prague and for Aug. 12 in Stockholm and Amsterdam to an unspecified date in the fall.

Meanwhile, the planned events in Yokohama, Japan for Aug. 14 and in Germany, France, and Spain on Sept. 16 will not be pushed back.

According to Niantic Labs, the decision was made to "guarantee the best possible gameplay experience" for European Pokémon GO players, with the developer apologizing for any inconveniences that the change in schedule may cause. To make up for it, Niantic Labs promised that Pokémon rarely seen in Europe will soon appear to help Pokémon GO players take another step or two in completing their Pokédexes.

Interestingly, the Pokémon GO event in Japan will still push through despite just a few days away from its European counterparts. Perhaps carriers are more reliable in the country compared to those in Europe?

The delay of the Pokémon GO events in Europe, however, is likely a sudden blow against some players who have already paid for travel and lodging arrangements to attend one of these events from other regions. The announcement of Niantic Labs gives these players some time to make adjustments, but if the number of days is not enough, there could be another class action lawsuit heading the developer's way to reimburse expenses for destroyed travel plans.

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