This 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet Also Cools and Charges The Hybrid Console

18 August 2017, 9:27 am EDT By Aaron Mamiit Tech Times
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The Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet by ConcaveChest does more than just hold the hybrid console, as it also offers cooling and charging functions. Nintendo Switch owners with 3D printers should definitely give this project a look.  ( ConcaveChest | Thingiverse )

A quick search online for Nintendo Switch 3D printed accessories calls up various cases and dock replacements, but this project from an engineer who goes by the name ConcaveChest does much more than just hold the hybrid console.

The Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet makes the Nintendo Switch look like a mini arcade machine, but hidden in its internals are two features that make the project a special one.

Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet By ConcaveChest

The Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet, uploaded by ConcaveChest to Thingiverse, shows a custom 3D printed enclosure that holds the hybrid console. The mini arcade cabinet even comes with the Nintendo logo at the top and the Nintendo Switch insignia at the sides.

Also notable in the design of the arcade cabinet is that it sets the Nintendo Switch at a perfectly angled position to make it easy to play when placed on a table.

However, the value of the 3D printed Nintendo Switch project goes beyond its aesthetics, as the arcade cabinet is also capable of cooling and charging the hybrid console.

The design is available to download for free, and ConcaveChest has listed all the necessary components and accompanying instructions to make your own mini Nintendo Switch arcade. There are two versions, one for a cabinet without the cooling and charging functions and one for a cabinet with these add-on features.

The additional components required for the version with cooling and charging functions are an elbow retainer, an optional fan duct, a USB cooling fan, a USB-C hub, a 90-degree USB-C adapter, and panel mount USB-C and USB 2.0 extensions. The price of all the components for this version of the cabinet costs about $65, not including the filament used to print the enclosure itself.

Once the arcade cabinet is assembled, gamers can slide the Nintendo Switch in and out of the enclosure easily as with its dock. The project is definitely something worth doing if you have access to a 3D printer.

Nintendo Switch News

Of course, the Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet is only worth something for gamers who actually own the hybrid console, as the Nintendo Switch supply shortage still exists.

Nintendo promised that there will be an increase in Nintendo Switch production to make sure that customers will be able to purchase one in the coming holiday season. This should be good news for gamers who still have not been able to buy the hybrid console, as the highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey will launch in October.

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