Take A Look At The First 20 Minutes Of 'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition'


The first 20 minutes of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is now available online, and it will make Final Fantasy fans look forward even more to the upcoming iOS and Android game.

Square Enix also recently launched a Final Fantasy XV crossover event with Assassins's Creed: Origins, showing that the developer is still hard at work at expanding the Final Fantasy XV universe.

Watch 20 Minutes Of 'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition'

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition was announced last month as the adorable mobile version for the massively popular latest entry in the long-running Final Fantasy franchise.

In Square Enix's announcement of the upcoming title, the developer said that Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will feature cute versions of its characters and tweaked controls for touchscreen gameplay. However, the story will remain the same as with the console version of Final Fantasy XV.

IGN uploaded a video of the first 20 minutes of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, and it shows that Square Enix did not make any false claims in its description of the game.

The video showed various scenes at the start of Final Fantasy XV, including the start of Noctis' journey, the visit to Hammerhead, and the story quests The Pauper Prince and Hunter Becomes the Hunted. The video also showed a camping scene, and perhaps most importantly, how the gameplay will be like in the mobile title.

As expected, battles in Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition are much simpler, with taps and swipes replacing the sometimes complicated controls found in consoles. Swiping launches Warp Strikes, holding down a finger on an enemy tags it as the target, touch-based quick time events are used for parrying and dodging, and moving Noctis will require dragging fingers through the screen.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition went with a drastic change in graphics instead of scaling down the realistic graphics of the console edition, which works well in giving it a unique flavor. The game will also be split in 10 episodes once it launches, with the first episode to be available for free.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Release Date

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is perfect for players who have already finished Final Fantasy XV but would like to play it again in a different way, players who have not been able to dedicate enough time on playing the RPG on consoles, and players who can only play games on their mobile devices.

There is no specific release date yet for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition for iOS and Android, and no definite confirmation yet if it would indeed be released on the Nintendo Switch.

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